Boulder Startup Week 2021 Boulder Startup Week 2021
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Small Steps Towards A UX Practice

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Isaac Cruz
Need help designing an MVP or want to improve your solutions?, Get in touch to see if I can help!

UX Designer with a background in sales and marketing. I’m dedicated to using my background and UX Design to prime businesses for growth. Currently looking for new opportunities!

Klew Still
Velocity Global, Lead UX Designer

Lead UX Designer at Velocity Global. Located in Denver, CO.

Lawton Pybus
Charles Schwab, Sr. UX Researcher

I help product teams understand their users and deliver amazing experiences. I bring my passion and expertise to every project, every day. Previously, I've worked for MeasuringU and Cabela's. I earned my PhD in Applied Cognitive Psychology at North Carolina State University.

Estella Gonzalez Madison
Fastly, Engineering Manager
Molly Rempe
AnswerLab, Senior UX Researcher

Hi there. I am a Senior UX Researcher at AnswerLab. I started my career building hardware products, moved jobs to tackle the big question of "what should we build" in a software innovation hub, and now I'm conducting rapid remote research for a UXR consulting firm. Although the types of products, the depth of research questions, and the project deadlines have varied during this time, I've always been passionate about bringing users (and non-users) into the process.

I'm excited to learn from you during Boulder Startup Week!

How can you start a strong UX practice from the ground up? Come hear from our panel of scrappy UX experts on tips, tricks, and trade-offs for getting the biggest UX bang for the smallest startup buck. Topics will include Product Management, UX Design, UI Design, and UX Research.