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Supply Chain Survival in a Crisis

- MDT 30
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Teresa Neeley
Zebulon Solutions, Supply Chain Management

Teresa Neeley - manages Zebulon Solutions’ global supply chain development and optimization activities as well as acting project manager for development projects. While at Zebulon Solutions, she has investigated many scores of contract manufacturers, from local specialty shops to multinational giants, and helped customers set up manufacturing all over the world. Prior to Zebulon Solutions, Teresa managed supply chains for large contract manufacturers such as Flextronics and NEO, where she worked with demanding clients like Hewlett-Packard and Northrup-Grumman. She’s run her own business and worked with startups as well.

Tracy Ireland
Vergent Products, Chief Operating Officer
Scott Shambo
HerdDogg, Inc., VP, Manufacturing & Supply Chain

After some early jobs in Technology sales, Scott joined Flextronics in 2003, beginning an 18 year career in Electronics Manufacturing.  In 2012, he left corporate America for the startup lifestyle, focusing his efforts on bringing good manufacturing and supply chain practices to Colorado hardware startups.  Currently, he is the VP of Manufacturing and Supply Chain at HerdDogg, Inc.

Axel Marrocco
Metalcraft Ind, BDM

A  transplant to Colorado in 1970 (I was two) I have worked in manufacturing for 30+ years. Initially, in automotive product development/management, I took a stint teaching Supply Chain Management at an Australian University in Asia, then came back home to Metalcraft, a contract manufacturing facility in Westminster.

It started with toilet paper. But over the last year we’ve had our everyday lives repeatedly disrupted by supply chain shortages in grocery stores, home improvement stores, etc. In industry, supply chain professionals are always working to ensure there aren’t material shortages for manufacturing. 

This last year has been unprecedented and instead of monitoring a handful of parts on a bill of materials; they are finding they need to monitor most of the components in the design AND the raw materials for the enclosures. One day there are no shortages in the market, the next day multiple components have no inventory and leads times are over 16 weeks. 

Launching a product is difficult enough, but how do you do that amid a pandemic when material lead times in cost seem to be continually increasing? This panel of supply chain professionals and local manufacturers will be discussing what they’ve seen in the last year and how they’ve been able to navigate the rough waters. The tips and tricks they’ll discuss will be useful not only amid a pandemic, but after the global crisis is over.