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Kim West
Navigating the Knot, Founder, Consultant & Coach

Kim West (JD/MBA, Certified Coach, and Certified Divorce Specialist (CDSTM)) is the founder of a company called Navigating the Knot. She works as a consultant and coach specializing in the marriage and divorce process, providing clients nationwide with clarity and guidance on either end of marriage – from educating them on what they need to know before getting married to advising those approaching, going through, or looking to recover from divorce.


Kim has a law degree and an MBA from the University of Colorado and comes from a corporate background, having worked for companies like Fitbit and Zayo Group. 


After going through a rough divorce in her 20s, she discovered firsthand how painfully little she had known about both marriage and divorce despite coming from a legal background. So in 2017, she chose to turn her pain into her purpose and left the corporate world to start her own company providing education and support to others surrounding marriage and divorce. Kim offers one-on-one coaching services to clients nationwide via phone, Skype, or Zoom video calls.

When she isn't assisting clients, Kim enjoys rock climbing, running, hiking, snowboarding, and mountain biking. She loves to travel, spend time with her dog (a puggle named Clover), and forge new connections.

With over twenty years of academic experience, Jenn is a richly experienced educator, author, performer, and professional coach. She is an award-winning professor of literature, writing, performance, movement arts and stage combat, teaching graduate and undergraduate students across the Colorado front range. 

Leveraging her unique and extensive experience in movement training and theatrical performance, Jenn also works with performing artists, business professionals and community leaders to maximize their personal and professional impact through effective movement, body language and verbal presentation.

It’s been said that honesty is the first component to cultivating healthy relationships. But do you know what you’re sharing in your interpersonal communications that isn’t being said aloud? Is your body betraying you? What sort of a first impression do you give potential clients, partners, or investors? How do you know? Do you know how to read a room? In this hands-on workshop, join body language expert Jenn Zuko as we explore the multiple ways in which we read and transmit messages under and alongside the words we say. Breakout room exercises will include: basic body language vocabulary; what is subtext and how can we clarify it; how we can (literally) position ourselves to maintain the best relationships possible, in business and beyond.