Boulder Startup Week 2021 Boulder Startup Week 2021
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Testing Product and Business Ideas with UX Research

- MDT 38
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Isaac Cruz
Need help designing an MVP or want to improve your solutions?, Get in touch to see if I can help!

UX Designer with a background in sales and marketing. I’m dedicated to using my background and UX Design to prime businesses for growth. Currently looking for new opportunities!

Lawton Pybus
Charles Schwab, Sr. UX Researcher

I help product teams understand their users and deliver amazing experiences. I bring my passion and expertise to every project, every day. Previously, I've worked for MeasuringU and Cabela's. I earned my PhD in Applied Cognitive Psychology at North Carolina State University.

Have you ever had what sounds like a great idea on paper, but wondered if your solution meets a common need in the real world? User Experience Research offers a collection of tools to understand just that. 

Workshop participants will be able to craft testable research questions, identify their target user base, recruit participants who fit that profile, and write an effective interview guide that will show whether or not an idea will work, and why.