Boulder Startup Week 2021 Boulder Startup Week 2021
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The Incredible Benefits of Device Orchestration

- MDT 36
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Jay Lent
Tuya Global, Director of Business Development
Christopher Meyer
RIoT, Director of Partnerships

Boulder Startup Week IoT Track Organizer

Organizer for Boulder Open Coffee 

Director of Partnerships at RIoT

Let's run the Skyline Traverse!

The smart home, smart building, and smart city promise of increased efficiency, screenless interactions, and valuable insight into utilization is only just being realized.

For entrepreneurs and service providers, the orchestration of devices has been expensive and demanded deep technical knowledge. Today, tools are emerging to show this is no longer the case.

Join Jay Lent as he articulates how entrepreneurs and corporations, even those without direct IoT industry experience, can enter the market. We will discuss solutions like no-code development and white-labeling smart-home products to suit your customer's needs made possible through Tuya's cloud platform.