Boulder Startup Week 2021 Boulder Startup Week 2021
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The Next Generation of Business Owners Aren't Who You Think They Are

- MDT 15
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Seth Levine
Foundry Group, Partner

I’m a venture capitalist (partner @ Foundry Group) and an author (co-author of The New Builders)

Makisha Boothe
Sistahbiz Global Network, CEO

Makisha Boothe is Founder and Head Business Coach of Sistahbiz Global Network, a business accelerator for Black women entrepreneurs. Sistahbiz Global Network helps Black women solopreneurs and microbusinesses build scalable, sellable businesses. As a rapid improvement coach, Makisha helps small businesses rethink their revenue strategies, brands, systems, resource allocation, and human capital strategies. 

People starting new businesses in the US today are much more likely to be Black, brown, female, and older than most people realize. And yet our systems of finance and support are doing a terrible job of supporting these New Builders. Join us as Makisha Boothe - founder and Head Coach of Sistahbiz, a network for Black, female founders - and Seth Levine - co-founder and partner at Foundry Group and the co-author of the newly release book, The New Builders, talk about the changing nature of entrepreneurship in the US and urgent change is needed if we are to keep our entrepreneurial edge as a country. This session will surprise and challenge you. Most of what you think is true about the entrepreneurial landscape in the US is wrong.