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Monday, May 10, 2021

Being Resilient in the Midst of Change, Growth and Uncertainty
Tara Powers
Tara Powers
Powers Resource Center LLC, CEO

Change is inevitable, necessary for growth and sometimes painful. All organizations undergo changes – whether it’s a pandemic, merger, acquisition, downsizing, restructuring – or even simply new leadership - change happens. And yet when change happens, it can throw people into chaos.

Transformational change significantly impacts people emotionally and can wreak havoc on productivity. It’s important to understand the natural cycle of change and have proven tools to build a resiliency mindset. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be more prepared to handle the constant change you're faced with and choose beliefs, thoughts and emotions that serve you more effectively.

In this interactive discussion, participants will learn about living in a VUCA environment, how to navigate emotional shifts during change, building a resiliency mindset and focusing on well being. Feel more confident and equipped to handle the daily hiccups and challenges that come your way, by exploring key topics such as:

- What it means to live in a VUCA world - The impacts of transformational change - The emotional stages of change and how to address them - Tools to build a resiliency mindset - Six elements of well being and why they matter

About Tara: Tara Powers believes that deep, authentic human connection will change the world. She also believes that companies have an opportunity and responsibility to build inclusive, safe spaces where people can show up and do the best work of their lives, together. With more than 25 years of experience as a Talent Development consultant and leadership expert, Tara Powers is on a mission to help fast growing companies and socially responsible organizations boost employee passion, build connected virtual teams and develop leaders that people choose to follow. Author of Success University for Women, Virtual Teams for Dummies and Working from Home for Dummies, Tara’s commitment is to serve as a catalyst for positive change and create workplaces where people thrive.