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Friday, May 14, 2021

Disordered Desires & The Worship Code: How disordered desires cripple our success
Kim West
Kim West
Navigating the Knot, Founder, Consultant & Coach
Keith Hughes
Keith Hughes
Keith Counseling, Therapist

What singular force always makes a relationship crash? 

What can bring a rising career crashing to the ground? 

And worse, what can single-handedly rot your soul out from the inside out?

Disordered desires. Our desires are core to our being and when not tended to with self-awareness and effective strategies, they can compel us into the deepest states of heartache, failure, and despair. We get into that relationship with one we “love” but turns into a sea of uncertainty. What causes one to cross the line between love and obsession; or the line between hate and rage? Between desire and lust? Between drive and obsession? Disordered desires not only cause our lives out of order but are also trying to tell us what we truly need and also carry us to our greatest potential. 

This presentation will help you understand how to manage your inner world of desire so you may accomplish the fulfillment you wish for in relationships, career, and life in general. The presentation will help explain/identify our desire system (core needs), learning about “the worship code”, and dualistic vs non-dualistic thinking. In other words, by keeping good things from becoming ultimate things, we are able to keep our heart, mind and soul intact and thriving. If your heart, mind and soul have found its balance and centralized focus, all components find their place. And as a result, the concept of being “successful” or having a “happy life” will be better understood by having a life of fulfillment.