Boulder Startup Week 2022 Boulder Startup Week 2022
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1 Million Cups

Kiln 2101 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302

Jim Sears
Ascent Technology, Founder
Alex Kuklinski
fyiio, Co-founder

Co-founder of fyiio. Roller coaster enthusiast. Socially awkward extrovert.

1 Million Cups Boulder! Every week, entrepreneurs present business ideas to the local community and learn how those around them can support their business in it's growth.

Presenting: fyiio - Product training/onboarding platform

fyiio, - Alex Kuklinski presenting, is a how-to platform sold B2B empowering companies to create, place, and maintain accessible learning experiences that show the world how to do anything.

(Note: Event will be In-Person only and part of Boulder Startup Week)

Creating tutorials is complicated, expensive, and time-intensive to maintain for rapidly-evolving products. It requires that companies learn, use, and maintain several different platforms. Ones that might not be tailorable to an individual’s attention span, learning preference, and accessibility needs. Fyiio’s Tutorial Builder makes instructional design accessible, content distribution simple, and updating content painless by synchronizing changes across multiple distribution channels. Our Tutorial Player caters to the four primary types of learners, translates itself to a person's preferred language, and can be embedded nearly anywhere to be as accessible as possible.

We’re revenue-generating now and are being used in automotive, eCom, food safety, and AgTech. We have four granted U.S. Patents on our approach to creating, presenting, interacting with, and finding tutorials.

Our current target market is B2B SaaS companies with 10+ employees and a rapidly growing product and customer base. We're also planning an expansion to include Creators, maker spaces and co-working spaces.