Boulder Startup Week 2022 Boulder Startup Week 2022
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Giving back to the community as Startups, Scaleups, and Founders

Matt Zwiebel
Pledge1, Director
Tatiana Hernandez
Community Foundation Boulder County, CEO
Christina Frantz
Twilio, Director of Social Impact
Colin McIntosh
Sheets & Giggles, Founder & CEO

A lively discussion about why it makes dollars and sense to give back to the community as founders, startups, and scaleups. Pledge 1% started in Colorado as EFCO (Entrepreneurs foundation of Colorado) and has helped facilitate $10M+ from local companies, founders, and funders back to the community we all live in and love. Whether you are an early stage company/founder or scaling, it’s never too late to give back and a wide range of ways to do so via: employee engagement like volunteering, giving away product or discounts to impact organizations, or giving money via profits, company or founder equity!