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Monday, May 9, 2022

Making physical products with part shortages
Teresa Neeley
Teresa Neeley
Zebulon Solutions, Supply Chain Management
Jenney Loper
Jenney Loper
Director of Operations

We all know everyone has been affected by the shortages in the supply chain.  Everyone is tired of talking about it, but it doesn't make the problem go away.  For companies with physical products, their survival is dependent upon their ability to navigate unpredictable part shortages.

This session will be a conversation about the challenges, but more importantly, ideas for how to find parts when no parts can be found and what to do when a key part to your design isn't available for 87 weeks.  We'll talk about the risks associated with distributors, brokers, and gray-market parts.

We will be fielding questions from attendees and using a few parts questions from the audience to see if our supply chain experts can find the parts you can't.