Brattleboro Literary Festival 2022 Brattleboro Literary Festival 2022

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Global Stories — Brad Kessler & Nathaniel Ian Miller
Nathaniel Ian Miller
Nathaniel Ian Miller
Memoirs of Stockholm Sven

Brad Kessler’s North is the story of the intertwined lives of a Vermont monk, a Somali refugee, and an Afghan war veteran.  The book is grounded in the author’s own corner of Vermont, where there is a Carthusian monastery, a vibrant community of Somali asylum seekers, and a hole left after a disproportionate number of Vermont soldiers were killed in Afghanistan. 

In Nathaniel Ian Miller’s book, Memoirs of Stockholm Sven,  it’s 1916 when Sven Ormson leaves a restless life in Stockholm to seek adventure in an Arctic archipelago where darkness reigns four months of the year. But his time as a miner ends when an avalanche nearly kills him, leaving him disfigured, and Sven flees even further, to an uninhabited fjord. There, with the company of a loyal dog, he builds a hut and lives alone, testing himself against the elements.