BSides London 2021 BSides London 2021

Saturday, November 13, 2021

F*** Around & Get Found Out: Disinformation As A Service

CVEs and big vulnerabilities are being released on a daily basis with and without proofs of concept. 14th July 2020 was a day that rocked the internet, it was the day HoneyPoC was born. What started as a joke proof of concept quickly built traction and built a new class of disinformation campaigns. 

  This talk will dive into not only how HoneyPoC came to be but will also explain how I took it one step further in exploring disinformation as a service and exploring the scientific method of f*ck around find out. I will also be demoing how I took a simple piece of proof of concept code and built a DaaS campaign out of it which poisoned many CTI feeds, found its way into some interesting situations. Uncovered APTs, Insider threats and charlatans alike. 

 Not all talks are Red/Blue/Purple, some are learning opportunities for all. HoneyPoC opened the eyes of many folks and why is it important to be careful about the Proof Of Concepts(POC) that you download/review. What started off as a minor troll turned into an integrated research project, the talk will embark on knowledge about threat intelligence and educate the watchers. Who watches the watchpeople?

 This was a particularly "amusing" troll because the sort of people who keep up with CVEs and look for proof-of-concept exploits should really know better than to run random code they just got off GitHub without checking what it does."