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Friday, November 12, 2021

Car Hacking Village – CAN bus basics with hands on fuzzing

The ‘Car Hacking Village’ has PD0 a ‘CAR in a box’ which is most of the ECU components from a Peugeot 208. This is configured so that all the main dials on the vehicle work, Speedo, rev counter, fuel gauge and temp gauge. This will allow attendees if they get through the fuzzing part access to a complete vehicle to hack. The workshop will consist of a short presentation on the history of CAN bus, the physical layer, the speeds, data format, message id’s. The attendees will then have access to sets of instrument cluster (hopefully 12-14 sets) to fuzz to try to work out which messages cause which parts of the cluster to work. Each cluster set will include a can bus adapter that can be used for the fuzzing.

ATTENDEES: Please bring a laptop with USB serial drivers and any terminal software (Arduino IDE, putty etc).