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Saturday, November 13, 2021

This Is How The World Ends (Not with a bang, but with a FUD)

There are various apocalyptic scenarios bounced around with cyber security, often by people promising to sell the latest silver bullet to prevent them. From hijacking DNA synthesizers, to the classic nuclear war, to destroying food harvests, to collapsing economies. 

Are any of them plausible outside the realms of disaster sci-fi? Should we do anything about them? Can we do anything about them? Is it time to go off-grid and take up locust farming to establish your self-sustaining commune, or is it all just FUD and nonsense to sell products.

 This talk will go through some of the most dramatic scenarios, looking at what is in place (or not) to prevent them, evaluating the effort required to achieve them, and either leaving everyone at the end relieved that it is all FUD or with a sense of existential dread that we're all doomed."