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Are you a Cloud Security personnel?

Rookie Track

Helen Oluyemi is a cybersecurity professional with about 6 years of experience executing projects across Telecoms, Consulting, and the Financial sector in Nigeria and the United Kingdom

Her area of expertise includes Vulnerability and Threat Management, Patch Management, Cloud Security, Incidence Handling and Response, Risk Assessment / Impact Analysis, ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS Implementation and processes. She helps organizations understand and prioritize risk while securing information assets.

A first-class computer engineering graduate, she holds multiple industry-standard certifications including CISM, ISO 27001 Lead Implementer, CEH among others. Helen is currently a Security Operation Analyst with one of the UK’s largest Fintech companies. She also mentors young women in her free time in a bid to help more women get into tech careers.

How to transition from a trading Security role to a Cloud Security expert. Many organization especially in some non development countries have their infrastructures on a local data centre (in-house data centre). Some people mihht want to progress on their career to an organisation that operates fully on cloud and transitioning into a Cloud Security profession seems not to be a clearer path for them.