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CANCELLED!!!! Show Me Your EIP – Buffer Overflow 101

Workshop Track 5

James is a Penetration Tester at Stratia Cyber by day – and an enthusiastic security researcher by night. When he’s not looking for weaknesses in modern web applications, he dedicates his spare time to mentor students and veterans to attain their first roles in cyber security!


The purpose of this workshop is to provide attendees with the fundamental knowledge and skills to be able to exploit 32-bit Stack-based Buffer Overflows confidently – and to inspire further learning in exploit development. The techniques covered will enable attendees to trounce OSCP-level BoFs.

Topics Covered: - Anatomy of the stack - Fuzzing - Finding the offset - Overwriting the EIP - Finding bad characters - Generating shellcode - Gaining root!

ATTENDEES: Please bring a laptop with Virtualbox or VMware - Kali Linux VM (Msfvenom, Metasploit, Python etc.)