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Charge my car, for free, forever!

Track 1

Vangelis is a developer as well as a penetration tester.

He applies his skills as a Senior Penetration Tester at Pen Test Partners and his research focus involves API and web application security.

His academic research is focused on machine learning and the development of proactive web application security. During his free time Vangelis is helping start-ups secure themselves on the internet and get a leg up in security terms.

During the past years he has published research regarding API control functions for ships, smart locks, IP cameras, EV chargers and many other IoT devices.

Current trends show that electric cars and green energy, especially photo-voltaic energy, are being widely adopted in both commercial and home user markets. During this talk, we will see that they suffer from typical "rush to market" problems that can potentially allow a remote attacker to control them. This could lead to free charges for car chargers, to them being used as a pivot point to get access to your internal network. This talk will also discuss the possibility of a grid attack by using these vulnerabilities in conjunction.