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Deauthenticating 101

Workshop Track 2

Sarah is a Security Consultant by day and a Security Queen by night – her side hustle being a Ladies Hacking Society Admin. Current learning ventures have involved a deeper look into the wonderful world of Android application security; Security Queen’s blog posts have focused on the OWASP Mobile Top 10, to aid this learning process.

During lockdown in 2020 Sarah graduated from Bournemouth university and started her first job in penetration testing working for NCC Group. Research for her dissertation involved creating a proxy by making use of a Raspberry Pi and open-source software. Creating things with cheap hardware has always been an interest.

In 2019 Sarah was the BSides London Rookie Track winner, after presenting her “A Newbies Talk on Mobile Dangers Through the Looking Glass”. Later that year she presented her first workshop at G3C, teaching others how to set up and use the Arduino IDE to program Digispark development boards.

This is a light-hearted workshop, which will take a simple development board and transform it into a beautifully brilliant deauthenticator. We will look at the components of the development board of choice and learn about how to program it to become such a cool hacking tool. We will learn how to sniff network packets and identify the correct ones to aim and send a deauth packet to a wireless access point. Creating a deauthenticator is not a new concept and many bits of existing software/firmware float about the inter-webs, however understanding some of these core concepts can really help you build a bigger picture of how devices connect to networks and how to mitigate against such attacks.

ATTENDEES: Please bring a laptop with Arduino IDE installed.