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DFIR - Don't forget your roots!

Rookie Track

A key member of the Trustwave SpiderLabs DFIR EMEA team helping organisations respond and manage cyber incidents. Seb has had a wealth of experience in the field of digital forensics and wider IT / InfoSec, including playing a key role in the development of the renowned BTL1 & BTL2 certifications. Prior to being at Trustwave Seb served in the Royal Air Force for almost 8 years, where he conducted various roles including system/network engineering and the creation of the MoD's first deployed SOC. It is here Seb gained a major interest in all things security engineering, a skill which he still utilises widely when conducting his DFIR role. Seb believes passionately that security/system engineering & administration is not something that should be overlooked by any DFIR specialist, and can help resolve incidents quickly. When he's not working he can be found in the gym, at Muay Thai training, or in a bar with a spiced rum and Diet Coke in hand.

The first few years of my IT experience was as a Sysadmin, probably a very distinctly average one at best. These skills did however drive forward and have assisted me in my DFIR career. This talk will go into the skills that can be driven forward from my time as a Sysadmin - from lab building, to artefact collection, network redesigns and more!