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From Paupers to Queens: The Tale of Two Wannabe Hackers

Track 2

We’re the Security Queens – friends who study and work in cybersecurity. We built Security Queens with a common goal to encourage and promote growth and inclusion in the cybersecurity field, whilst documenting our learning, and hopefully support other people in their journeys to break into this space. We love to share our knowledge via. the Security Queens blog and are humbled to have won "Best New Up and Coming Blog" in the European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards 2020.

A long, long time ago in a land far, far away - two wannabe hackers embarked on their journey of a lifetime to become cyber security professionals. They faced barriers and triumphs - through blood, sweat and tears. But how did they do it?!

This talk will be a reflective look into two very different career journeys and how the Security Queens came to be. We'll be talking about our own struggles that we faced, the areas of interest that we work in, as well as our top tips for newbies and career changers. Tune in to find out the backstory of two cyber security-now professionals, our war stories so far, and the huge variety of ways to break into the infosec industry.