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How to avoid facial recognition software

Rookie Track

Currently a cyber security analyst, Mairi only has time for two things anymore; her fat cat Rocky and social media. Since she can’t bring her cat to Bsides (don’t worry there will be photos) she decided instead to do a talk on one of the hottest topics on infosec twitter: facial recognition software. Her interest in this topic grew from the discovery of CV Dazzle makeup and is excited to finally be able to do a talk in a KISS cosplay.

Recently facial recognition software has been in the news more often than not, but do you know how it works and where it's specifically used? If your answer is no, fret not! For I shall go over all the core concepts on how the most commonly used software works, such as OpenCv and DeepFace (no, not DeepFake). This talk will then go into who is implementing facial recognition software worldwide and why. Finally, I'll be discussing some current evasion techniques that have been developed and the following questions will be answered; how do these techniques work, what do they look like, what algorithms do they fool and are they practical for everyday use?