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Kubernetes CTF

Workshop Track 4

James works as a Cloud Native Security Engineer at ControlPlane.

In his day to day, he focuses on static and dynamic security assessments covering areas such as infrastructure as code, policy as code, CI/CD, and architecture appraisals. He specialises in offensive security, Kubernetes and cloud native technologies.

His career has led him to review the security posture of numerous organisations' cloud infrastructure and systems, working across a variety of retail, financial and regulated environments. 

James also enjoys participating and contributing to CTFs and other community events, sharing experiences and ideas that he's had in engagements. This has led to him being closely involved with the Kubecon NA 2021 Security Day CTF amongst others.

Delve deeper into the dark and mysterious world of Kubernetes security! Exploit a supply chain attack and start your journey deep inside the target infrastructure, exploit your position to hunt and collect the flags, and hopefully learn something new and wryly amusing along the way!

Attendees can play six increasingly beguiling and demanding scenarios to bushwhack their way through the dense jungle of Kubernetes security. Everybody is welcome, from beginner to hardened veteran, as we venture amongst the low-hanging fruits of insecure configuration and scale the lofty peaks of cluster compromise!

ATTENDEES: Please bring a laptop with an SSH client.