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Practicing Safe Sex(t) - with xxxtra content

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Tia is a fourth year ethical hacking student at Abertay University. She has delivered various workshops and talks at conferences and societies around the country. These talks and workshops vary from social engineering, offensive security and most recently discussing how to practice safe sex online.

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Nudes, Dirties, Pics, whatever you call them, you’ve probably sent them or know someone who has. But how can we protect ourselves and our opsec when we’re sexting, producing sexual content of ourselves or even watching and buying sexual content online?

 This talk will discuss how we can protect our physical bits online, how to practice safe sexting properly, how sex workers have better opsec than us all and looking into the weird, wonderful and sometimes scary world of sex online.

 This talk has been delivered before, but has been updated to include new content about sex toys and how the pandemic affected sex online.

 CONTENT WARNING - There will be sensitive content such as sexual/domestic abuse and suicide."