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Slashing, Sharing and Reaping the Rewards: Securing the world one IOC at a time using Chatbots to search and share Threat Intel

Workshop Track 1

Claire has 15+ years of IT Engineering experience, gained across Online Gaming, Ecommerce and Fintec before joining Tines. Claire is one of Tines’ lead solution engineers, enabling Cybersecurity teams to automate, improve and streamline their processes.

Thomas is a Co-Founder of Tines, COO, and leads the Customer Success organization. Before Tines, Thomas Kinsella spent years working in senior security roles at companies like eBay and DocuSign, witnessing how these large organisations have to stay proactive in their cyber defence. Thomas holds a degree in Management Science and Information Systems Studies from Trinity College in Dublin

Gathering, analyzing and sharing threat intelligence is still too hard. From private threat intel sharing groups to Twitter to industry blogs, IOCs come in thick and fast and, unfortunately, non-standardized. In this workshop we'll show how anyone can build interactive chatbots using Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, together with automation platforms, to gather, standardize and enrich threat intel, search for it within their environments and, more importantly, share it - keeping their organizations and the wider information security community safe. We'll show how to simply and easily use the APIs of free online tools and platforms like IOCParser, VirusTotal, APIVoid, Greynoise and other tools to automate threat intel processes.

ATTENDEES: Please bring a laptop.