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Stealing Hearts, Securing Minds: Gamifying Pentesting Methodology

Rookie Track

James Riley began his career in cybersecurity 5 years ago as a specialist Recruiter within the Pen Testing space. Earlier this year, he embarked on a career change and joined Immersive Labs as part of their Talent Attraction and Operations team, working to improve the brand and visibility of the company and ensuring new employees had the best experience possible. James has a hunger for knowledge and has enjoyed learning from his peers in the community. He is hoping to continue to explore the role gamification plays in Cyber Security learning and training through blogs, podcasts and hopefully more public speaking :)

While playing the video game Persona 5, I began to draw parallels with the way that the flow of the gameplay actually mirrored the 7 stages of a Penetration Test to an accurate degree. I then became fascinated with how you could potentially gamify the process of pen testing to use as a teaching aid or to help make people more aware of Security.