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The challenges of remediation during a cyber incident

Rookie Track

As a Senior Associate in PwC’s Cyber Incident Response team, Johanna specialises in ensuring organisations are incident ready and able to respond effectively and efficiently. Johanna has a Bachelor of Arts in History and is due to complete her MSc Information Security, at Royal Holloway University of London, in December this year.

There are many challenges faced during remediation, often involving strategic and technical perspectives, as well as inconsistent, and sometimes unsuccessful, approaches. I will be looking at why remediation goes wrong during a cyber incident. The talk will include: - Introduction on what remediation is and why it is important. - Analysis on the challenges of remediation from both a strategic and a technical perspective. - Analysis on the different types of remediation strategy and when they may differ (due to different types of incident). - Reference to real world examples of where remediation has gone wrong, examining the remediation strategy used and the challenges faced.