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Tokyo Takedown reviewed: A international tour to Japan.

Rookie Track

Ben Ellis is an aspiring cyber security professional who has been involved in the Japanese cyber security scene over the past two years and has recently returned from working in Tokyo. He aims to educate people about the Japanese cyber security scene and the challenges that it faces.

Ben Ellis plans to take you on an international tour to Japan, known by many as the land of anime, weird TV game shows, amazing food and wacky futuristic technology. However, what do you find when you pull back the curtains on the world's busiest metropolis, the neon wonderland of Tokyo? You discover weaknesses and challenges that have been hindering Japan's cyber security scene from the start. So come and join Ben on a journey of a Sarariman on their daily routine whilst Ben disassembles their world to highlight the challenges that Japan is facing on top of growing concerns about their neighbours. Tokyo, and Japan, are now slowly waking up to realise there is a need to secure Nihon.