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When Encryption Fails

Rookie Track

Eva entered Cyber Security two years ago as a technical apprenticeship and is studying a master’s in Cryptography.  

She is interested in the mathematics of secure communication systems, active defence methods, critical thinking techniques, and in particular bridging gaps between technical and academic domains. Loves Linux, despises Windows.  

Within her career so far, Eva has presented live, explanatory defence demonstrations and hack-the-box exercises to military personnel in preparation for cyber tournaments; in order to train them how to employ active defence countermeasures. She has also run web-app penetration scans for both technical and non-technical clients.

Outside of the Cyber Security world, Eva is a rugby forward, loves motorbikes and has an obese goldfish called Harry.

Strong encryption does not guarantee strong security.  

Hackers are lazy. After all, why dedicate thousands of hours decrypting messages when you can exploit an outdated service, steal a secret key, and bypass encryption altogether?  

This talk explores the life cycle of an encryption service, and how the stages, and the links between them, can be exploited.  

To satisfy the mathematical requirements of a post-quantum world, academics are developing more and more advanced encryption methods (a hesitant shout-out here to elliptic curve and post-quantum Cryptography – which I still don’t understand despite years of study). But this increasing complexity introduces as many drawbacks as benefits.  

The technical world may seem to complex for any of us to fully understand - and that’s okay, it doesn’t mean we’re doomed.