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Recruiting and Selection Panel Discussion

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Claire Petrie
Lighthouse Technology Services, Director, Technology Talent Management
Quintessence Anx
PagerDuty, DevOps Advocate

Quintessence is currently a DevOps Advocate at PagerDuty, where she brings over a decade of experience breaking and fixing things in IT. As an advocate, she uses her past experience and knowledge to build relevant content for other IT professionals to learn and grow. Outside of work, she mentors underrepresented groups to help them start sustainable careers in technology. She also has a cat and a saltwater aquarium with two maroon clownfish and a mantis shrimp, of The Oatmeal fame.

Joel Shapiro
JMS Technical Solutions, President
Sarah Viana
CTBK LLP, Director, Organizational Development

Sarah Viana is dynamic leader, energized by challenge, with over 20 years of progressive human resource management experience. She has the proven ability to identify, develop and execute business initiatives while also prioritizing the needs and opportunity to positively impact each individual employee. She takes great pride in attracting and developing top performers at all levels of experience. 

Additionally, Sarah’s passion for supporting others to achieve their best and unlocking individual’s potential has led her to formally pursuing Coaching. After an 18 month intensive certification training, plus over a hundred hours of coaching experience, she has achieved her designation of Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Whether in her role as an HR director or as a Coach, Sarah’s greatest honor is supporting people to grow and flourish!

Talented, qualified candidates have more options than ever, and employers who sit back waiting for the right person to find, apply for, and select them are making a huge mistake. In this panel discussion, we will talk with experienced experts on all-things talent sourcing and selection. From employer branding, sourcing strategies, and candidate experience, everything you do in your quest for the right people matter. Putting purposeful and thoughtful effort into this first step of the employee life-cycle can make all the difference in gaining a competitive edge with your number one asset to make or break your success- the people executing what you do.