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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Entrepreneurs The Doers WNY Community
A Story about Business with Purpose - Spreading Equality
Dan Magnuszewski
Dan Magnuszewski foundry - A Digital Currency Group Company, CTO
Eli Cotton
Eli Cotton foundry - A Digital Currency Group Company, Manager, Mining Engineer Fellowship
Stephanie Marchioni
Stephanie Marchioni foundry - A Digital Currency Group Company, VP, Human Resources
Monique Cooper
Monique Cooper SevenFifty, Business Operations Project Manager
Entrepreneurs Future Entrepreneurs Students WNY Community
Influencing with Social Media
Kathleen Granchelli
Kathleen Granchelli Revolution Buffalo, Head of Personal Training
Billie Essco
Billie Essco Cafe, CEO
Kelsey Sweet
Kelsey Sweet Pegula Sports and Entertainment, Social Media Strategist
John Osberg
John Osberg incept, Growth Strategist
Alicia Officer
Alicia Officer Unapologetic Coffee, Co- Owner
Pete Cimino
Pete Cimino Lloyd Taco Trucks & Catering, Co-Founder
Entrepreneurs Future Entrepreneurs Investors Students The Doers WNY Community
Young Founders Round Table
Favio Osorio
Favio Osorio Arbol, Co-Founder & President
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez Arbol, Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Sonya Tareke
Sonya Tareke Team Real Talk, Co-Founder & COO
Mercedes Wilson
Mercedes Wilson Sadie's Relish, Founder
Jonathan Garriques
Jonathan Garriques JAG Media Online Presence Optimization, Founder
Jonathan Wess
Jonathan Wess TimeCapsule Family Connections, Founder & CEO
Students The Doers WNY Community
What's It Like To Work At A Startup?
Chris Miano
Chris Miano MemoryFox
Dave Farley
Dave Farley AireXpert, Customer Success Advocate
Sandra Hamlett
Sandra Hamlett KickFurther, Account Executive
Monique Cooper
Monique Cooper SevenFifty, Business Operations Project Manager
Christian Gaddis
Christian Gaddis 43North & Forge Buffalo, Senior Marketing Manager

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Entrepreneurs Future Entrepreneurs Investors Students The Doers WNY Community
Networking Best Practices For Women In Business
Sophia Marshall
Sophia Marshall 43North, Events & Community Manager
Marnie LaVigne
Marnie LaVigne Launch NY, President & CEO
Lauren Nostro
Lauren Nostro WYL (WhoseYourLandlord), Director, Brand & Content
Madonna Spitler
Madonna Spitler Business Incubator Association of New York State, Director Operations
Courtney Burris
Courtney Burris RHM Innovations, Cofounder
Entrepreneurs Future Entrepreneurs Students The Doers WNY Community
Merch as a Business
Brett Mikoll
Brett Mikoll Oxford Pennant, Co-Founder & Creative Director
Derrick "D.Jack" Jackson
Derrick "D.Jack" Jackson Griselda Records, Chief Problem Solver at Hot Corner Creative & Exec Hyphenate at Griselda Records
Hasan Stephens
Hasan Stephens Good Life Youth Foundation, CEO
Nikki Davis
Nikki Davis CurlMix, Head of Growth
Crystal Wallace
Crystal Wallace Launch NY, Founders Go Big Program Manager
Setback Stories From Founders
Andy Hakes
Andy Hakes AireXpert, CEO
Ree Dolnick
Ree Dolnick JECA Energy Bars, Founder
Khadesha Okwudili
Khadesha Okwudili Agape, Founder & CEO
Malkijah Griffiths
Malkijah Griffiths Team Real Talk, Co Founder
Ryan Jaquin
Ryan Jaquin Aviate Audio, CTO
Tom Quinn
Tom Quinn WNY Impact Investment Fund, CEO

Thursday, November 17, 2022

How To Fund Your Business: Access to Capital with Capital Connect
Crystal Wallace
Crystal Wallace Launch NY, Founders Go Big Program Manager
Catherine Dolan
Catherine Dolan WEDI Buffalo, Economic Development Director
Yahaira Zapata
Yahaira Zapata The Enterprise Center At Pathstone, Senior Business Development Officer
Duncan Kirkwood
Duncan Kirkwood Duncan Kirkwood Consulting, Founder
Sherrie Falck
Sherrie Falck Pursuit, Managing Vice President
How To Sell To Enterprise Companies
Joshua Ferry
Joshua Ferry CloudInsyte, Co-Founder & CEO
Sanjay Hiranandani
Sanjay Hiranandani Bluespout, CEO
Chris LaFleur
Chris LaFleur MOOG, Director of Electrified and Automated Construction
The Importance of Branding
Allan Hebeler
Allan Hebeler Art Director/Graphic Designer
Jeffrey Raugh
Jeffrey Raugh Product Officer and Cofounder
Zack Schneider
Zack Schneider FIFTEEN, Founder & CEO
Chrissy Pyne
Chrissy Pyne Mr. Smith Agency, Creative Director
The Realities of Working at a Startup - LenderLogix Case Study
Patrick O'Brien
Patrick O'Brien LenderLogix, Founder & CEO
Dominic Wright
Dominic Wright LenderLogix, Junior Software Developer
Emmi Sauls
Emmi Sauls LenderLogix, Director of Marketing
Shawn Walsh
Shawn Walsh LenderLogix, Director of Operations
Derrick Enderby
Derrick Enderby LenderLogix, Director of Customer Success
Olga Faynshteyn
Olga Faynshteyn LenderLogix, Business Development

Friday, November 18, 2022

Good Problems To Have
Ofo Ezeugwu
Ofo Ezeugwu WhoseYourLandlord, CEO & Founder
Del Reid
Del Reid 26 Shirts, Founder
Shaun Masavage
Shaun Masavage Fret Zealot, CEO & Founder
Rebecca Brady
Rebecca Brady Top Seedz, Top Seed
Shane Nolan
Shane Nolan Aviate Audio, CEO
Using Data To Grow Your Business
Richard Kim
Richard Kim University at Buffalo Business & Entrepreneurship Partnerships, Director of Startup Ventures
What A Startup Needs in 2022
Arun Venkatadri
Arun Venkatadri Model-Prime, Co-Founder & CEO
Nate Pierotti
Nate Pierotti New Stack Ventures, Principal
Kenyan Hicks
Kenyan Hicks Broadwing, Founder
Prasad Padman
Prasad Padman MOOG, Chief Strategy Officer
Will Allen
Will Allen Magarac Ventures, Partner