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Effects Based Marketing: Breaking Down Cannabis Science and Avoiding Health Claims

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Wesley Williams
Kinetik Infusions, Inc, Co-Founder and CEO

Wes Williams holds a Bachelors of Economics in Marketing from the Wharton School and a Juris Doctorate from the Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Wes has over 4 years of cannabis experience as a corporate strategy consultant in California and then as an executive for a vertically-integrated medical cannabis company. Prior to coming to cannabis, Wes spent over 10 years working for Fortune 500 companies in the financial services and energy sectors, respectively, where he held VP- and director-level roles in legal operations, marketing, and strategic planning. Wes is a Functional Cannabis Champion, a lifelong stutterer, an amateur poet, and the co-founder and CEO of Kinetik Infusions, Inc., a functional infused edibles company launching its first product, Kinetik, in LA in the Fall of 2022. 

Yasha Kahn
MCR Labs, Vice President of Marketing and Technology

Yasha coordinates MCR Labs’ marketing, outreach, and public relations efforts while also maintaining the organization’s IT infrastructure, including data security, surveillance, and networking. Yasha’s extensive experience in global marketing and business development informs his vision for defining MCR Labs’ brand and fostering a positive presence within the cannabis community.

Antonio Gandara-Martinez
budboard LLC, President

Antonio Gandara-Martinez is a serial entrepreneur with a long history in marketing for technology startups. Most recently, Antonio served as Marketing Director for Bouncechat App and Boomtime Marketing before co-founding and serving as President and Chief Marketing Officer of budboard, LLC. budboard, LLC provides interactive educational technology for retail cannabis locations and machine learning data solutions for manufacturers and researchers. 

Warren Bobrow
Klaus The Gnome, Inc., Chief Executive Officer

I wrote the groundbreaking book named Cannabis Cocktails, I thought- why reinvent myself when I have dozens of cannabis recipes that are already tested and better yet, published. It took me a long time, but I succeeded at something in life. When all I was ever told that I was never going to succeed at anything. Nice parents. 

Backstory: I became a TV Engineer after graduating college in 1985 (my Emerson degree has become a distant memory, no one ever asks me where I went to college...) I worked for a time in the mid 80's in NYC. I worked nights at WNET-13, & WPIX-11, and Danceteria- a famous nightclub. I always wanted to become a chef from being raised to know what good food was and how if you follow food, you follow history- or distillation as I learned in later life after writing whiskey cocktails.. but I digress. 

I became pot scrubber due to necessity and succeeded from failure multiple times over the past thirty years or so. I lived in Charleston, SC and co-founded the first manufacturing corporation that made fresh pasta in South Carolina. Named, Olde Charleston Pasta, I was put out of business during Hurricane Hugo in 1989.

Debt to my lenders in the fresh pasta biz forced me to get a real job. In a bank. Soul crushing work from teller up to customer service. Then into a series of private banks, not my potential, at all. Was this the same person?

Specialties: Highly Creative Cocktail Mixology and to the best of my ability- creative bar programs using all sorts of organic and biodynamic ingredients and cannabis too. I destroyed them on Viceland Live- on live global tv. Ask me. 
6x Published food/cocktail/wine writer. Public speaking, former dishwasher/pot scrubber.