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SEO for Brands and Retailers: How to Get to the Top of the Page and Stand Out Using Unique Keywords

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Max Juhasz
Cannabiz Marketing Solutions, Founder

Max Juhasz is the Founder of Cannabiz Marketing Solutions ( After 4 years of cannabis & CBD web design, SEO, and digital marketing strategy for a number of local shops and large online retailers, he decided to come out from behind the scenes and offer his agencies work to more companies.  His SEO work has helped brands get established online and generate millions in dollars in sales.

Lavall Chichester
Growth Skills, Founder

I’m the founder of a learning platform and consultancy called I grow ideas, people, and brands.

I help companies align sales and marketing to build awareness, generate quality leads and grow revenue. 

Philosophy: There are only two relationships in Nature. Symbiotic and parasitic. Humans and corporations can choose to be either. I’ve chosen to grow and nurture symbiotic relationships with friends, family, coworkers, and clients. I also help connect people who I know would thrive together. 

Kyokushin Karate: I’m a bare knuckle Kyokushin Karate champion. I equate bare knuckle Karate to growing a start-up. You have to embrace the suck, be fearless and stare the problem in front of you right in the eyes and solve it. I’ve learned that martial arts has very little to do with kicking and punching but everything to do with life.
Specialties: Business and Team Growth, SEO Management, SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, SEO Product Development, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Website Development, Video Editing, Video Production, Project Management, Partnerships, Negotiation, Sales, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, PR, Brand Building, Brand Positioning.

Scott Rabinowitz
Buoyancy Digital, LLC, Founder

Scott is the founder at advertising agency Buoyancy Digital and an interactive media specialist who joined the digital marketplace in 1998; he provides advertising business development strategy and management support for age-restricted markets, entertainment, ecommerce, technology and digital media brands worldwide. Over the past 23+ years, his body of work has included managing more than $300 million in online advertising campaigns, as well as advisory and hands-on marketing, advertising, business and corporate development roles, for a mix of brands in many industries, including erotica & Cannabis, in lawful jurisdictions.

Scott was among the first digital marketers to profitably source direct response traffic campaigns for eCommerce & pay wall enabled subscription content sites in multiple age restricted industries. Having unique experience in support of content delivery online via search engine marketing, Scott serves the civil litigation system as an subject matter witness on matters of search engine marketing & digital media compliance policy issues & holds professional accreditations from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Google Partners and Microsoft Advertising.


Sonia Gomez
The Emerald Circle, Co-Founder

I Help Hemp Company Owners get connected to a high-quality supply chain, help them with obstacles, as well as attract, engage and sell to their ideal clients online ... WITHOUT being sales-y, sleazy, or spammy! 

I show you how to leverage Facebook/Instagram and content networks/influencers to find and engage your ideal prospects, along with using content ( memes, blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.) as currency to "purchase" the time, attention and interest of your target audience. Content Marketing/ SEO.

I've personally worked with and consulted profiles of A-List Entrepreneurs, Bestselling Authors, Business Coaches and Consultants including:

⭐ Vince Reed
⭐ Igor Kheifets
⭐ Mike Koenigs
⭐ John Chow
⭐ Dave Van Hoose
⭐ Papa and Barkley
⭐ Medterra
⭐ Just Like My Child Foundation