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Triple Bottom Line and the Marketing Flywheel: Implementing Core Values and Social Good in Your Marketing and Communications

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Kelly Perez
Cannabis Doing Good, co-CEO/founder

Kelly Perez, MSW is the co-CEO/founder of Cannabis Doing Good (formerly kindColorado), the co-founder of the Cannabis Impact Fund. Trademarked, Cannabis Social Responsibility (CSR), puts into action, purpose-driven cannabis partnerships to support racial equity/justice, positive community impact, and environmental sustainability. CSR helps to shift the cannabis narrative---from the War on Drugs, to a cultural sea change where opportunities are racially equitable, policy is just, communities benefit, and cannabis is a model of circular economics. She believes every cannabis company has the power to receive measurable ROI in the process of doing the right thing; purpose driven consumers vote with their dollars. Cannabis Impact Fund (501c3) brings a cannabis presence, and financial resources, to national anti-racism efforts, and supports homegrown cannabis racial justice efforts.

Krista Nichols
Lightshade, Marketing Manager

Krista has worked in sales/marketing since 2012. Beginning her career at Google in the digital advertising space, she has developed a deep understanding of customer behavior, sales tactics, and what exactly the customer needs to feel taken care of on their retail journey. 

As Lightshade's Marketing Manager since 2019, she has managed all 11 locations on the marketing side, as well as helped develop programs to assist vendors in exposing their products and ensuring they get into as many of our customers' hands as possible. She has also focused on beautifying the enterprise over the past few years by working alongside local muralist Kiri Leigh Jones to help draw attention to our gorgeous locations and make the neighborhoods we occupy as aesthetically pleasing as possible. 

Additionally, she has managed Lightshade's award winning CSR program, organizing events, rounding up volunteers, and putting hard work into the community programs we partner with. It is by far the most rewarding part of her position. 

Working in cannabis along with such innovative people has been an energizing and wonderful experience and Krista looks forward to learning as much as possible while offering her expertise to other cannabis enthusiasts to help make their company as fun and profitable as possible!

Sarah Woodson
The Color of Cannabis, Founder/Excutive Director

Sarah Woodson comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, business is in her DNA. After receiving two Paralegal certificates, and an Associate's of General Studies. Sarah attended CU Denver to pursue a BA in Sociology and a Minor in Legal Studies. In 2005 she founded one of the largest Pro-Se Bankruptcy & Divorce companies in the state of Colorado. As the CEO of a pro-se bankruptcy and divorce company, Woodson directly assisted with over 1000 bankruptcy petition filings and was responsible for over 2000 filings through her equity business development program that she created for women of color to start their own legal bankruptcy and divorce pro-se businesses.In 2016. Sarah had decided that she was going full force into cannabis. As a Cannabis Experience Provider. She founded Kush & Canvases, a consumption-friendly cannabis art class that has been featured in several national publications. Woodson is a partner in High Demand Delivery, the first licensed social equity business to consumer delivery company in the state of Colorado.She is also the founder of The Color of Cannabis, an organization that advocates for legislation, public policy, business education & technical assistance, that provides equitable and sustainable opportunities for POCs in cannabis. The Color of Cannabis has spearheaded all socialequity legislation in Colorado.

Corvain Cooper
40 Tons, Chief Brand Ambassador

Corvain Cooper is Brand Ambassador at 40 Tons, a Black, woman-owned premium cannabis, clothing, and accessories brand from Los Angeles, California. Corvain grew up on the east side of South central Los Angeles. Drawing from his experience navigating the legacy market, also a background in apparel, fashion, and brand building, Corvain is an avid public speaker, activist and advocate for bringing awareness to 40 Tons and the causes it serves. Representing those impacted by the system — cannabis prisoners, victims of the war on drugs, their families and loved ones — while a booming billion dollar industry flourishes across the globe, 40 Tons was founded by the very legacy operators who’ve helped build the cannabis industry during the course of battle. In 2013, Corvain received a life sentence without parole after a “third strike” for his participation in a cannabis distribution operation. Despite the relatively minor offense, he was effectively “buried alive” at a federal prison in Louisiana, apart from his then fiancé and two children for something that was increasingly becoming legalized across the country. Through his years in prison, activists and voters continued the campaign to relax cannabis laws across the U.S. and Corvain finally, and fortunately, received a grant of executive clemency from Donald Trump in his final days as President of The United States of America in 2021. Corvain’s story is emblematic of the two disparate realities currently taking place in the U.S., one where some are able to profit off cannabis and the other where a cannabis-related offense can lead to a life sentence — today, 40,000+ cannabis prisoners still remain locked-up. Out on 10 years of parole, Corvain is reuniting with his friends and family, rebuilding his life, and championing the cause for 40 Tons, and beyond. It took the hard work of many individuals and organizations, including the entire 40 Tons team, to help break Corvain free. Corvain now serves as an advisor to the Last Prisoner Project and is the author of a poignant four part memoir Look Into My Eyes set to be released later this year. Just because someone carries it well, doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy. For more information, please visit: Please note: Due to the conditions of his parole, Corvain does not and can not hold equity ownership in any plant-touching cannabis business.