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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Conservation Strategies for Cannabis Cultivators
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Jackee Riccio
Jackee Riccio Cannabis for Conservation, Executive Director
Mary Jane Oatman
Mary Jane Oatman The Indigenous Cannabis Coalition, Founder
Margaret Mantor
Margaret Mantor California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Amanda Metzler
Amanda Metzler FARMS Inc, Founder & President
The Importance of Live Events to Help Build a Positive and Welcoming Cannabis Culture
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Susan Soares
Susan Soares The State of Cannabis, CEO
Rick Farman
Rick Farman Superfly, Co-Founder
Adelia Carrillo
Adelia Carrillo EventHi, CMO
Kristi Price
Kristi Price KRMA Media Inc., Founder
Tim Blake
Tim Blake The Emerald Cup, Founder
The Importance of Women Leadership in Cannabis
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Karson Humiston
Karson Humiston Vangst, Founder
Sherri Franklin Urban Design Center, CEO
Jessica Steinberg
Jessica Steinberg entOURage Network, Oxford PhD, The Global C, Founder
Leah Maurer
Leah Maurer The Weed Blog, Co-Owner
Waste- Is It Just About the Planet or Your Bottom Line?
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Cole Gibbs
Cole Gibbs Dama Distributing, Founder & CEO
Chris Lane
Chris Lane Airfield Supply Co., Chief Marketing Officer
Sandra Elkind
Sandra Elkind STO Responsible, Co-Founder and CCO
Lilli Keinaenen
Lilli Keinaenen Changemaker Creative, Sustainable Packaging Designer

Friday, May 21, 2021

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Amy Andrle
Amy Andrle L'Eagle Services, Co-Founder
Growing Resiliency in Emerging Markets
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Kaitlin Urso
Kaitlin Urso CDPHE, Environmental Consultant
Warren Neilson
Warren Neilson Flow Cannabis Co., VP of Real Estate
Jessica Lally
Jessica Lally City and County of Denver, Program Administrator
Micro-Dosing: Health Benefits and Impacts on the Market
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Jessica Knox
Jessica Knox Doctors Knox, Inc., American Cannabinoid Clinics, and ADVENT Academy, Co-Founder
Mary Brown
Mary Brown SMJ Consulting at the AIMS ( Advanced Integrative Medical Science) Institute
Jessica Streufert
Jessica Streufert SMJ Consulting at the AIMS Institute, Registered Respiratory Care Practitioner & Cannabinoid Therapist
Ron Silver
Ron Silver Azuca, Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Building Businesses for Good: Lessons from business Leaders that Prioritize the Planet and People while Maximizing Profit
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Gagan Levy
Gagan Levy Founder/ CEO, Guru
Andrew Kahan
Andrew Kahan B-Corp, Community Engagement Manager
Neal Gottlieb
Neal Gottlieb Three Twins Organic Icecream, Co-Founder & CEO
Reem Rahim
Reem Rahim Numi Organic Tea, Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer
Interstate Trade: A Step Towards a Sustainable Supply Chain
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Jazmin Aguiar
Jazmin Aguiar The Working Group, President
Adam Smith
Adam Smith Craft Cannabis Alliance, Founder & Executive Director
Brandon Wyatt
Brandon Wyatt Wyatt Legal & Counseling, Principal
Todd Hughes
Todd Hughes EntreVation, LLC, Founder
Stand Out Social Equity Programs States are Proposing or Implementing
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Colin Wells
Colin Wells @veteranswalkandtalk, Founder
Austin Stevenson
Austin Stevenson Vertosa, Chief Innovation Officer
Jessica Gonzalez
Jessica Gonzalez Minorities for Medical Marijuana Inc., Cannabis & Intellectual Property Attorney, Outside Counsel
Margeaux Bruner
Margeaux Bruner Minority Cannabis Business Association, Board of Directors
Natalie Papillion
Natalie Papillion Last Prisoner Project, Director of Strategic Initiatives
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Nick Richards
Nick Richards Greenspoon Marder LLP, Partner