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Certifications in the Cannabis Industry

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Josh Sarvis
Dragonfly Earth Medecine/ DEM Pure Certification, Owner/Founder

Josh Sarvis and Kelly Dunn have been cultivating pure, closed loop cannabis for almost 3 decades. They are Humus Beings dedicated to intentionally and actively educating the cannabis industry on purity in cultivation inputs and practices. They are passionate about being a clear, conscious voice for the cannabis plant, whom has given so many healing benefits to all of humanity. They created Dragonfly Earth Medicine which is a international nutrient company and also a educational platform for Conscious Cannabis. The DEM Pure Certification has become a highly sought after, community driven, beyond organic certification. The DEM Pure Collective has over 300 members worldwide that are experts in all facets of cannabis. They continue to bring educators together to create international standards for regenerative cannabis practices that include Sungrown, Field, Extraction, Breeder and Business DEM Pure Certifications. They have consulted and educated the international cannabis community and corporations to produce the highest quality flower, extract and cannabis chemovars from natural systems that include social and biological intelligence. Josh and Kelly have been creating and building full spectrum global healing by creating several international healthcare facilities in war torn and disaster areas for women and children. Kelly is a certified midwife and preceptor for the World Health Organization. Dragonfly Earth Medicine can present the on any of the connections of a Healthy Mind, Body and Soil within the cannabis industry. Our most recent focus has been Regenerative Hemp; Social and Ecological Conscious and Successful Scaling.

Ben Gelt
Cannabis Certification Council, Chair

Ben is an experienced entrepreneur and consultant focused on public affairs, real estate and business development. Ben has an eclectic range of experiences including over a decade in politics, working in startup cultures, and with corporate and small business clients.

Ben has been recognized as an emerging leader in both the political and business world’s winning awards from groups like the MacArthur Foundation and appearing on major networks and well known publications such as the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today and Rolling Stone Magazine.

Currently, Ben offers strategic consulting ranging from business development, executive advising, land entitlement, and public affairs. His clientele represent all sectors of the professional world working with clients such as:

• University of Colorado
• Montegra Financial Services
• Education Funding Partners
• Waste Farmers
• Grasslands
• Students for Sensible Drug Policy
• Progress Now
• Swanee Hunt (Former US Ambassador)
• Federico Pena (Mayor of Denver & U.S. Secretary of Transportation/Energy)
• Obama For America Campaign (2008)

Josh Wurzer
SC Labs, President & Co-Founder

Josh is responsible for managing regulatory compliance, research and development, and intellectual property. He has a background in analytical and synthetic chemistry and has spent his career in the pharmaceutical and electronic materials industries. He serves on the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) Cannabis Expert Panel, is a founding member of the AOAC CASP advisory group on cannabis, American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL) cannabis committee, as well as other cannabis and hemp trade association committees. Josh received his Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay.  
I have presented at various technical and cannabis conferences and events including the Harvard Medical School, the American Chemical Society Annual Meeting, the AOAC Annual Meeting, The Emerald Cup, MJ BizCon, and many more. I have been published in several technical and trade publications including the Journal of Natural Products and Skunk Magazine.

Casey O'Neill
HappyDay Farms, Co-Operator

Casey O'Neill co-operates HappyDay Farms, a micro-diversified farm in northern Mendocino County, California. His family raises two acres of Sun+Earth and DEMPure Certified vegetables, poultry and medical cannabis in a small-farm setting while working towards sustainability. Casey is stoked about sharing food, medicine and cultivation techniques with others. He is passionate about representing small farmers and works to support Mendocino County policy-makers in crafting sensible regulations. Casey also serves on the board of Sun+Earth Certified. You can find his radio show podcast at HappyDay Farms - Farm and Reefer Report on iTunes or Soundcloud.

As legal cannabis sweeps the nation, consumers are demanding transparency from companies on their environmental impacts and social policies. From this demand, various certifications have emerged. This panel will bring together some of the original cannabis certifications with some of the emerging ones, and give consumers an inside perspective on the value proposition and market saturation sought by each.