Cannabis Sustainability Symposium Cannabis Sustainability Symposium
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Design Charette/Identifying Sustainable Building /Operational Strategies

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Jeremy Hatfield
Alpha MEP Inc, President

Jeremy Hatfield, P.E, LEED AP has 20 years of experience in the field of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering. He has led many successful projects spanning all regions of the country. He has expertise with project and personnel management and design of power, lighting, telecommunications, fire alarm, and security systems. While his education is centered around electrical engineering, through many years of experience and training he has developed a well-rounded understanding of mechanical and plumbing systems and often serves as the design lead for the entire MEP team.
He has been involved with several projects, including but not limited to cultivation, commercial, industrial, K-12, higher education, laboratories, federal/military, retail, and residential. He is accustomed to working on large campus type facilities, learning and adhering to their standards while following good engineering practices for safe, energy-efficient, and sustainable systems. Mr. Hatfield's strengths include his leadership and communication skills and taking on challenging tasks and projects

Anthony Papavero
Current Renewables, Partner

Anthony Papavero, M.Arch., LEED AP  has over two decades of experience in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and the built environment. Anthony's experience as a designer and project manager for national and regional energy integrators includes new and renovated commercial and industrial projects for educational, medical, municipal, hospitality, multi-family, retail, and government entities. Throughout this time, he has worked closely with architects, owners, and building managers to provide energy-related project feasibility, development, and implementation.

Anthony serves as principal for Current Renewables, offering energy-related consulting services to a wide range of commercial, industrial, and non-profit customers. Current Renewables expertise focuses on understanding and providing unbiased strategic consultation to meet the energy goals of the facility stakeholders. Anthony is involved in all aspects of the company's operations, strategic project development, project management, installation, and commissioning. Current Renewables maintains relationships with established and innovative associate companies collaborating to implement clean, efficient, and financially beneficial energy-related projects.

Design Charrettes have been a common practice among Architects and Planners for decades. Over that time, design professionals have used the practice that can be described as “formalized brainstorming” to incorporate early design ideas from all stakeholders. This traditional process establishes an early-stage creative environment to identify and incorporate principles for successful building design and operation. Only in the last 20 years has this process been expanded to include multi-disciplinary principles related to a project’s sustainability. This presentation presents an argument that supports the idea of whole building design charrettes, emphasizing the benefits of this process in the context of sustainability and the “triple bottom line,” as it applies to the cannabis industry.