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Energy Efficiency in Cultivation

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Ryan Wankel
Heliospectra, Cannabis Plant + Light Expert/Grower Liaison

A second-generation cannabis grower with more than 23 years of cultivation expertise, Ryan Wankel has led commercial teams at large-scale facilities in Denver, Colorado. He earned multiple cannabis cup awards and created successful transitions for his grow operations from traditional HPS to new LED technologies before joining Heliospectra. He now leads cultivation training, provides technical consulting for NCIA members and develops strain-specific lighting strategies with customers.

Jamal has two decades of cannabis cultivation experience.  He has worked in licensed facilities in California and Washington state, and has intimate knowledge of medical and recreational regulations.  He has worked in gardens ranging from small-scale medical collectives to large outdoor farms and everything in between.  Jamal co-created and taught beginner growing classes at Berkeley Indoor Garden, the Bay Area’s original hydroponics shop.  For the past ten years Jamal has been consulting new growers on how to set up their gardens to ensure optimum success and streamlined, scalable operations.  Jamal holds a California pesticide applicator’s license and has deep expertise in pest management.  He holds a bachelor of arts degree from Cal State East Bay and is an alumni of Oaksterdam University.  

Corinne Wilder
Fluence, Vice President of Global Commercial Operations

Corinne has spent her career fusing her childhood love for science with the rigors of international business development. She earned a bachelor’s degree in ecology and marine biology from Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi, where she took particular interest in genetics, cell biology and plant science. A few years later, she entered the lighting industry at Universal Lighting Technologies and Panasonic (ULT), where she tracked LED sales forecasting and demand planning and was responsible for reviewing energy standards and codes for lighting technology. She earned her MBA from Lipscomb University in 2014, rounding out her career at ULT which covered multiple disciplines from customer service, technical engineering, marketing, lead generation, business development, and sales management. In 2016, Corinne started as manager of sales operations at Fluence, where she was responsible for all internal sales teams and resources before eventually becoming Fluence’s VP of Global Commercial Operations. Today, she is responsible for all business reporting and analytics for internal operations, heading the company’s commercial support teams, including the utility rebates and incentives program, and directing internal processes to meet global strategic goals for the cannabis and commercial food markets. She also plays a very active role in the cannabis and horticulture industries as she holds seats on several industry committees and boards, including Resource Innovation Institute’s TAC, the NCIA Facility Design Committee, and as the Director of Sustainability for the Foundation for an Informed Texas (FIT).

Design Charrettes have been a common practice among Architects and Planners for decades. Over that time, design professionals have used the practice that can be described as “formalized brainstorming” to incorporate early design ideas from all stakeholders. This traditional process establishes an early-stage creative environment to identify and incorporate principles for successful building design and operation. Only in the last 20 years has this process been expanded to include multi-disciplinary principles related to a project’s sustainability. This presentation presents an argument that supports the idea of whole building design charettes, emphasizing the benefits of this process in the context of sustainability and the “triple bottom line,” as it applies to the cannabis industry.