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Steve Peterson
WasteTrakr, COO

Executive that worked for over 10 years with Disney and News Corp. Launched multiple software start-ups that were succesfully sold. Speaker at multiple conferences on KPIs for Quickbooks. Entry into cannabis sector was as GM for reknown dispensary Elemental Wellness Center in San Jose. Joined Tress Capital in 2018 and consulted for public companies such as Harborside and Nutritional High. Through Tress Capital co-founded WasteTrakr for cannabis waste recycling. Recently also co-founded Stemcore for the processing of stalks from industrial hemp, CBD and THC into new consumer and industrial products.

Arman Zeytounyan
EcoWaste Services, Inc, CEO
Trey Riddle
Sunstrand LLC, CEO & Founder

Dr. Riddle has worked as an engineer, manager and executive. He is an avid entrepreneur, having founded and run several businesses. Over the course of his career, he has honed design and analytical techniques in a variety of industries including wind energy, automotive, power distribution, composite manufacture, and material sciences.

Dr. Riddle has authored and co-authored numerous peer reviewed papers and is a regular speaker at conferences and trade shows. He has an in-depth understanding of working capital requirements and how to properly interpret financial statements. He recognizes the enormous value of necessary financial planning

The cannabis industry is reported to generate 150M tons of waste annually so what can we do about it. How do we turn from a cost center into a tool to build your brand and create new revenue? The WasteTrakr team looked at a market that gets paid by the number of barrels and takes it to a landfill. We created a path by which recycling efforts can be documented and enables the business to show its impact on carbon footprint and sustainability and share the good news with your customers.