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Policy Challenges in Sustainable Cannabis Enterprise

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Michael Wheeler
Flow Cannabis Company, Vice President of Policy Initiatives

Cannabis policy professional. I believe that good policy in this rapidly evolving market requires understanding of the feedback loop between social, economic, environmental and political priorities. There are enough common threads within basic community interests, cannabis business priorities, and evolving public opinion to weave a progressive foundation for this new regulated cannabis marketplace. I am so lucky to be able to apply my 14+ years of policy experience to this cause. Few other markets today have the potential to drive such massive environmental and public policy benefits globally - yes globally.

Adam Smith
Craft Cannabis Alliance, Founder & Executive Director

The Alliance for Sensible Markets is a non-profit coalition of business and advocacy  leaders committed to a thriving, just, and sustainable legal cannabis industry. 

In 1996 Adam launched the nation’s first publication devoted to coverage of national and international drug policy reform. In 1998 he launched the Higher  Education Act Reform Campaign, the first effort to successfully roll back federal  drug war legislation in the US, winning back the right to financial aid for students  with prior drug convictions. Out of that effort, he and others launched Students for  Sensible Drug Policy, now a UN-recognized NGO active in 40+ states and more than  30 countries. 

In the years since, Adam has founded or helped launch numerous successful  organizations and campaigns including the Oregon Bus Project, the Vote By Mail  Project, The League of Young Voters, and the Craft Cannabis Alliance. His writing on  cannabis and drug policy has appeared in dozens of print and online publications.

Shanita Penny
Budding Solutions, Founder/ Principal

Shanita Penny, MBA is a cannabis advocate and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience helping world class companies and startups solve complex issues and improve business performance in multiple industries. As the founder and principal of Budding Solutions, a boutique cannabis business strategy and policy advisory consulting firm, she has achieved exceptional results while positively impacting the burgeoning cannabis industry and the greater community. Shanita is also cofounder of three state licensed cannabis businesses and cohost of two cannabis business and policy podcasts. Ms. Penny is the immediate past President of the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) and testified before the U.S. House of Representatives on the regulated cannabis industry's need to access Small Business Administration (“SBA”) services and unlocking the potential of small businesses in the cannabis industry.

Ean Seeb
State of Colorado, Governor's Special Advisor on Cannabis

Ean Seeb has a storied history in Colorado's cannabis industry as a seasoned entrepreneur and founding partner of Denver Relief Consulting - one of the nation’s first cannabis consulting firms, which he co-founded in 2011. He previously co-owned one of Colorado's oldest and most successful medical cannabis businesses - Denver Relief, which was dismantled and sold to Willie Nelson's team as well as Terrapin Care Station in 2016.

Mr. Seeb has served on multiple boards, including the first cannabis child resistant packaging company - Dymapak, Manna Molecular Science, and Vapor Slide. He is the former two term Chair of the Board of National Cannabis Industry Association. Ean left the private industry in 2019 to further advance the progression of cannabis normalization in Colorado through policy. He currently serves as the Special Advisor on Cannabis to Governor Jared Polis. Ean is a 3rd generation native of Denver, Colorado.