Cannabis Sustainability Symposium Cannabis Sustainability Symposium
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Seeding Sustainability: Seeds vs Clones

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Nathaniel Pennington
Humbolt Seed Co, CEO

Nathaniel Pennington, Founder and CEO at Humboldt Seed Company has been breeding cannabis and working to restore rivers and salmon populations in Humboldt County for over 20 years. Prior to taking on his role at Humboldt Seed Company, Pennington worked in salmon genomics, which gave him the background to understand the need for unbiased cannabis genomics research. Pennington founded Humboldt Seed Company in 2001 to provide strong cannabis genetics to the community that wouldn't require pesticides or fungicides. With a deep foundation in Humboldt County and a strong affinity for community he has founded several nonprofit organizations, most recently Nature Rights Council, an environmental organization led by Humboldt's indigenous youth. Pennington was instrumental in the negotiations that led to the agreement to remove four dams that blocked salmon runs on the Klamath River, thought to be the largest river restoration project in the world. He believes creative breeding is the way forward for craft farmers, and is passionate about ensuring that cannabis remains a plant for the people and not a corporate commodity. Pennington’s hope is that Humboldt Seed Company’s Pheno Hunt Program will deliver the strains of the future, providing medicinally valuable stable seed lines, and specialty strains that will invigorate the market.

Betsy Samuelson
Seed & Soil, Co-Owner & Seed Integrity Specialist

A decade long seed saving activist, Betsy is skilled in the art of seed cultivation. Upon completing her B.S. in Environmental Studies in 2009, the plant world beckoned. Betsy’s plant care expertise was honed over seven years as Production Manager of an organic farm and nursery. Working alongside cannabis, brings Betsy great peace. Her focus is providing seed integrity to grassroots cannabis growers through the licensed marketplace – honored to be collaborating with Humboldt Seed Company and Nymera to do just that!

Sarah Schuette
Dirty Business Soil, Co-Owner & COO

Sarah is a Nationally Certified Professional Soil Scientist and Co-Owner of Dirty Business Soil. She hails from Saint Paul, Minnesota and moved to Humboldt county to get a degree in Soil Science. Along with her business partner Joanna, Sarah has helped build, and operate, an agricultural testing laboratory and cannabis consulting firm that has grown along with the industry over the last 9 years. She is dedicated to helping farmers grow healthy, sustainable crops that support healthy sustainable businesses in our community

The how and why of the cannabis industry’s move to get back to its roots by growing from seed. We will cover breeding techniques that are currently being used to improve genetics grown from seed, how planting and growing from seed is helping farmers lower their carbon footprint, and discuss why the right type of seed can save a small farm while helping our big planet.