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Sungrown Cannabis: Stories from the Fields

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Johnny Casali
Huckleberry Hill Farms, Owner operator

Johnny grew up on Huckleberry Hill Farms, the Humboldt County cannabis farm where today he grows 5,000 square feet — about 2,000 plants. He is a former firefighter and has been featured in Forbes Magazine.

Daniel Stein
Briceland Forest Farm, Owner

Owner-Farmers Taylor and Daniel Stein do about an acre of commercial fruit and vegetable production out a dirt road in Briceland–an acre that includes 5,000 square feet of licensed cannabis cultivation space. They’ve been commercially producing fruit and vegetables here for more than 10 years, carrying over and expanding on the family homestead garden established by Daniel’s parents decades ago.

The Steins have cultivated cannabis on this parcel for some time too, but modest amounts, then engaged in the permit process in 2016 to secure their current square footage. They take pride in their regeneratively grown cannabis, but the bulk of their day-to-day work during the growing season is devoted to food crop production. They were awarded the Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award at the emerald cup in 2017.

Zachary Carson
Imaginal, CEO

The Emerald Triangle is home to the original US cannabis sungrown farmers. What started as an underground industry has grown into a challenging regulated market in California. We will hear from various multigenerational and sungrown farmers from this region, as they share their stories of how the shift to legal markets have affected their realities.