Cannabis Sustainability Symposium Cannabis Sustainability Symposium
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Sustainable Cannabis Investment Markets

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David Hess
Tress Capital, Co-Founder and President

David Hess is a career entrepreneur with a unique relationship to cannabis for the past two decades. A two time cancer survivor, David was introduced to the vast benefits of medical cannabis while undergoing cancer treatments in 2001 and again in 2003. David has since dedicated himself to furthering research, awareness, impact and business opportunities in the expanding cannabis industry. In 2013, David partnered with Asher Troppe, an experienced fiduciary and independent trader on Wall Street with over a decade's experience managing equity portfolios to establish Tress, the cannabis industry’s go to source for private capital, solutions and strategic support. Tress Capital is a strategic boutique private investment firm embedded at the core of the global cannabis sector originating and managing investments for HNW, family office, and institutional investors. Tress has a track record of successful industry investment and works closely with its companies and the industry providing active value-add support. The Tress portfolio includes impactful industry leaders such as SC Labs, Headset, TILT (by way of Baker Technologies), Cannabis Now, Grownetics, North Bud Farms, Infusion Biosciences, WasteTrakr and iCAN. With a unique industry network, unparalleled deal flow pipeline, successful portfolio investment track record and an experienced team with in house niche expertise, Tress Capital is the go to for sophisticated investors seeking competence while Tress Solutions provides M&A advisory, strategy, business development, and operational support to sector companies.

Emily Paxhia
Poseidon, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Emily Paxhia is a Co-founder and Managing Partner of Poseidon.

Emily has reviewed thousands of companies in the cannabis industry and has worked with countless founders in many capacities. She had helped to shape founders' pitch preparations, their go-to-market strategies/ product launches, and advised on day-to-day business operations. Emily has held board seats for multiple portfolio companies and participates as an adviser to multiple teams.

Coleman Beale
CEO and Board Member

Coleman serves as the Chief Executive Officer of BastCore. He became actively involved in the hemp industry in 2014 after passage of the 2014 Farm Bill. His focus and interest in hemp is utilizing the stalks to unlock the full potential of the cannabis plant. In 2014, Coleman helped launch BastCore as one of the original seed investors. Since that time, he has helped BastCore grow into the leading fiber hemp processing company in the United States. Prior to joining BastCore, Coleman spent his career working in the finance industry. He has a wide range of finance experience spreading across multiple disciplines, including corporate and commercial banking, investment banking, fixed income securities, correspondent banking and payments. Coleman was the CFO of a high growth venture capital backed payments company. From 2010 to 2018, he also founded and operated a privately held eyewear company. Coleman is a graduate of the University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Finance.

It's not often that an entirely new legal industry springs up practically overnight after having been mostly illegal for decades. Unlike most emerging industries, cannabis already has a long-established consumer base for both recreational and medical uses, raising the question of how fast and how big the industry will grow, and what ethics will emerge from the start. There are also significant sustainability risks in the cannabis industry that potentially threaten its success. Investors should consider these risks as they evaluate their investments. This panel will review some of these risks, and discuss how investors can leverage their financial power to push to cannabis industry towards a more sustainable future.