Cannabis Sustainability Symposium Cannabis Sustainability Symposium
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The Factors that Drive Water Consumption and Advance Efficiency

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John Kagia
New Frontier Data

As one of the first analysts to focus exclusively on legal cannabis, John Kagia has been delivering market-leading insights into the industry’s growth and evolution to investors, business owners, and governments since 2015.

Leading an exceptional team of economists, market analysts, consumer intelligence experts and data scientists, Kagia oversees development of data, business intelligence, and risk management solutions for organizations navigating the industry’s complex global dynamics.

Among recent highlights, Kagia’s team has produced the most comprehensive estimates for global cannabis demand to date, redefined the archetypes of cannabis consumers, established benchmark forecasts for the industry’s sales growth and economic impact, and correctly forecasted some of the industry’s most disruptive trends.

Kagia is a frequent and sought-after speaker, lecturer, and advisor on the intersection of business, policy, culture, and innovation in cannabis.

Rob Eddy
CEA Consultancy LLC, Principal Consultant

Former Plant Growth Facilities Manager at Purdue University for 20 years, Eddy was responsible for the success of hundreds of research studies involving over 100 diverse flowering, food and medicinal species. He also served on design teams for Purdue's plant phenotyping/imaging center, a biosecure underground plant growth facility in a limestone mine, and three campus greenhouses. He has consulted for Dow AgroSciences, Novozymes, AeroFarms, Clade9 cannabis and more. Rob is currently the Director of Ag Operations for Rookwood Holdings LLC

Derek Smith
Resource Innovation Institute, Executive Director

In my career, I’ve focused on trying to find solutions to significant challenges facing society – from sustainability to equity to resilience. My interest is in solving public problems through market-based means. Building demand, developing functional finance approaches, strengthening supply, achieving scale through public-private partnerships. I am particularly passionate about overcoming climate change and economic injustice.

At Resource Innovation Institute, I am building a non-profit organization to address the massive resource use of the cannabis marketplace, the fastest growing industry in North America. We are capturing energy consumption data from a variety of production facility types through our Cannabis PowerScore tool to help indoor, outdoor and greenhouse farmers learn how to operate most efficiently, and to assist governments and utilities in establishing policies and incentives to drive efficiency.

Previously, I have held leadership positions in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Until 2015, I served as CEO of Clean Energy Works, a public-private partnership initiated by the City of Portland and US Dept. of Energy to create equitable jobs and reduce carbon emissions by creating a market for residential energy efficiency retrofits. I led the organization from a fully subsidized operation to an independent viable enterprise.

Learn about the various techniques for applying, storing, treating, recirculating and discharging water in today's dynamic market. How do climate, building type, dehumidification strategies, substrates and other factors impact how much a cultivation environment consumes? And how can we move toward best practices together?