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Friday, October 9, 2020

Overcoming Broken Social Equity Policies to find Success in Cannabis and Beyond
Karim Webb
Karim Webb
Ron Holmes
Ron Holmes
Majority-Minority, Co-Founder

A robust discussion identifying the regulatory missteps made by states and cities as Adult-Use cannabis legislation is put into place across the nation. Social equity was meant to be a form of reparations for the harm inflicted on communities of color during the war on drugs. However, the realities of standing up a successful cannabis business are expensive, convoluted and difficult to navigate. 

Karim Webb, CEO of LA based SE firm 4thMVMT will be joined by Ron Holmes, co-founder on Chicago based consulting firm Majority-Minority and Mrs. Phyllis Dorsey, a current LA dispensary license holder to discuss SE policies in CA and IL, the changes that are needed to ensure success for Black and Latino communities in cannabis and how the concept of social equity can work in other industries.