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Career Jam is an annual event that connects you with prominent artists and industry leaders, grows your professional network, and broadens the scope of your career possibilities.


This event is closed to the public and is only open to the Berklee community.


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Friday, April 1, 2022

Student Check In

Students can check in for Career Jam in the lobby (residence hall side) of 150 Massachusetts Ave.  

1. It's all in the Song: "Love Letter" to Bonnie
Ali Tamposi
Ali Tamposi Songwriter, Ali Tamposi Publishing
Kara DioGuardi
Kara DioGuardi Founder, Arthouse Publishing
Bonnie Hayes - Moderator
Bonnie Hayes - Moderator Chair, Songwriting, Berklee College of Music

Join us for a conversation with the Grammy-nominated songwriters who have shaped pop music with their chart-topping hits over the last two decades including songs recorded by Justin Bieber, Camila Cabello, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson.

2. Marvel's Secret Weapon: Composer, Pinar Toprak
Sean McMahon B.M. '00 - Moderator
Sean McMahon B.M. '00 - Moderator Chair, Film Scoring, Berklee College of Music

Join us for an insightful and fascinating discussion that charts Pinar Toprak's rise in Hollywood from a technical assistant to becoming one of the most in-demand composers in the industry. You know her scores from blockbusters such as Captain Marvel to video games such as Fortnite—both of which grossed more than one billion dollars worldwide. 

3. Bedroom Beats with TAETRO
TAETRO Music Producer and Electronic Music Mentor
Claire Lim B.M. '18 - Moderator
Claire Lim B.M. '18 - Moderator Assistant Professor, Electronic Production and Design, Berklee College of Music

In this session, musician and educator TAETRO will discuss his dynamic career as a freelancing digital content creator, electronic music producer, brand collaborator, and more. Based in Los Angeles with a reach that has spread internationally through the Internet, TAETRO's music technology-focused YouTube videos have garnered over 17 million views, with support from the likes of esteemed audio companies like Novation, AKAI, and Roland. His original music blends the organic and electronic to make catchy beats that cross chillhop, lofi, and other contemporary genres, which he composes using whatever can fit in his backpack.

4. Breaking Down Walls for Latin Artists
Celeste Zendejas
Celeste Zendejas Vice President, SESAC Inc.
Stephanie Hernandez B.M. '15
Stephanie Hernandez B.M. '15 Marketing Manager, RichMusic Inc.
Sebastian Taboada
Sebastian Taboada Vice President of Management and Operations, Lionfish Entertainment
Lazaro Hernandez
Lazaro Hernandez Vice President of A&R - U.S. & Latin America, Warner Chappell Music
Javier Limón - Moderator
Javier Limón - Moderator Artistic Director, Mediterranean Music Institute, Berklee College of Music

The Latin music market in the U.S. has grown exponentially over the past 30 years. Meet the industry leaders responsible for artists such as Rosalia, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Maluma who are topping not only Latin charts but the pop charts as well. Come hear from industry leaders who are helping to break down the walls for Latin artists and create more opportunities than were ever possible before.

5. BIPOC Representation in Music Therapy Careers
Ming Yuan Low
Ming Yuan Low Assistant Professor, Music Therapy, Berklee College of Music
Jasmine Edwards
Jasmine Edwards Creative Arts Therapy Coordinator, Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital
Jenny Hoi Yan Fu
Jenny Hoi Yan Fu Associate Research Scientist, Nordoff-Robbins Center
Joy Allen - Moderator
Joy Allen - Moderator Chair, Music Therapy, Berklee College of Music

Financial, educational, and cultural barriers have historically contributed to the underrepresentation of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) music therapists in the field, negatively impacting equitable access to music therapy services for some of our most vulnerable and marginalized communities. Join this panel of BIPOC music therapy leaders to learn about their professional experiences and how we can address these inequities, effect meaningful change, and improve the human experience for all in the music therapy community.

6. Soundcloud Workshop
Tricia Tranquillo
Tricia Tranquillo Director of Label Services, Soundcloud

Join this workshop to learn how to take full advantage of SoundCloud’s artist-first streaming platform, powered by a global community of artists and listeners. This session will dive into creator tools, services, and resources that can help you optimize your presence on the platform and ultimately grow and build your career.

Free Professional Headshots

Free professional headshots will be available in the 150 Massachusetts Avenue lobby, courtesy of the Division of Student Affairs. No sign-up is required.

1. The Evolution of Live Music!
Steve Cielinski '06
Steve Cielinski '06 Vice President of Touring Operations, Live Nation
Eric Gardner B.M. '08
Eric Gardner B.M. '08 Director of Booking, Oak View Group
Jared Braverman B.M. '07
Jared Braverman B.M. '07 Senior Vice President, Live Nation Touring
Gerry Barad
Gerry Barad Executive Vice President, Live Nation Booking
John Czajkowski B.M. '98
John Czajkowski B.M. '98 Tour Accountant, Katy Perry
Joe Mott B.M. '08
Joe Mott B.M. '08 Music Agent, Creative Artists Agency
Morgan Lasewicz
Morgan Lasewicz Client Services Manager, Live Nation
Jeff Dorenfeld - Moderator
Jeff Dorenfeld - Moderator Founder, BPMI, Professor, Music Business/Management, Berklee College of Music

For years live music took a backseat to recorded music, not anymore. 

Hear from Berklee alumni who work with the biggest artists in the world, including Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Bruce Springsteen, BTS, Coldplay, Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, Katy Perry, U2, and many more. 

They’ll address how live music has evolved, from one genre selling out to 8 genres selling out.  How shows employ hundreds of people.  Have stage sets that compare with Hollywood movies, have sponsors that fund their tours, have show grosses that compare with top-selling sports teams, and have brands that put them on the billionaire list. 

You want to work with the stars, work in live music! 

2. Musicians are Natural Entrepreneurs
Albhy Galuten B.M. '68
Albhy Galuten B.M. '68 Founder/CEO, Agora Media
Mike Cassidy '97
Mike Cassidy '97 Vice President of Product Management, Astra
Debbie Cavalier B.M. '87
Debbie Cavalier B.M. '87 CEO, Berklee Online/Senior Vice President, Online Learning
Stephen Webber - Moderator
Stephen Webber - Moderator Executive Director, Berklee NYC/Dean of Strategic Initiatives, Berklee College of Music

The skills needed to make a living as a musician are the exact same skills required to be a successful entrepreneur including the ability to listen, improvise and collaborate. These Berklee alumni are successful executives who are innovating and breaking new ground in music, technology, and education. They are also amazing musicians, performers, and a Grammy Award-winning producer for artists such as Eric Clapton, Barbara Streisand, and the Bee Gees.

3. Reel Talk: Music for Video Games
Chase Bethea
Chase Bethea Composer, Technical Audio Designer
Tom Salta
Tom Salta Composer, Producer, Artist
Gina Zdanowisz B.M. '94 - Moderator
Gina Zdanowisz B.M. '94 - Moderator Associate Professor, Film Scoring, Berklee College of Music

It only takes a few seconds of playing your favorite game on mute to realize how important sound and music are when it comes to creating a captivating experience. Hear from top video game audio professionals, sound designers, and composers who have worked on your favorite games.

4. Embracing the Hyphen: Artist-Educator
Otto Gross B.M. '10
Otto Gross B.M. '10 Creative Director / Producer / Artist, Otto Gross Music
Yonit Spiegelman B.M. '14
Yonit Spiegelman B.M. '14 Composer / Bassist, Yonit Spiegelman / Squeak E Clean
Latoya Lewis B.M. '10
Latoya Lewis B.M. '10 Music and Movement Educator, KIPP Pueblo Unido
Justin Stoney
Justin Stoney Founder and President, New York Vocal Coaching Inc.
Karen Peterson B.F.A. '76
Karen Peterson B.F.A. '76 Founder, Artistic Director, Karen Peterson and Dancers, Inc.
Philip Lima - Moderator
Philip Lima - Moderator Assistant Chair, Voice, Berklee College of Music

Teaching is often a gratifying piece of a successful career for musicians. Many artist-educators have the drive to pay it forward and make a difference in the lives of others and believe in the global impact and importance of the arts in society. Learn how teaching has impacted and enriched the lives and careers of the panelists, the different ways and settings where teaching can be a valuable part of your artistic lifestyle, and how to build your brand, business, and revenue stream as an artist-educator.

5. Twitch Workshop
Zoe Willis
Zoe Willis Program Manager, Twitch
Fred Rubenstein
Fred Rubenstein Artist Services Manager, Twitch

Join this workshop to learn how to utilize this popular gaming platform to showcase your artistry as Twitch emerges as a place where music creators can share art with a community of millions and build a place to connect with your most passionate fans. 

6. Roc Nation x Rapsody: Launching an Artist's Career
Bianca Edwards
Bianca Edwards Director of Marketing, Roc Nation
Rapsody Artist/Emcee

Berklee welcomes Grammy-nominated artist and Emcee, Rapsody as well as Roc Nation's Director of Marketing, Bianca Edwards. This session will center around Rapsody's journey: early challenges, securing management, publishing, and Roc Nation deals, building a community, as well as Rapsody's newest project, EVE. This album is a celebration of black female culture, with each song titled after a phenomenal black woman. 

7. Alternative Rock/Pop Music Song Screening with APG
Andre Herd
Andre Herd Senior Director of A&R, Artist Partner Group

Join Andre Herd from APG as they critique songs by pre-selected Berklee student artists in real-time. 

Hosted by: The A&R Student Club

Original Music Showcase

Join us for the Career Jam Original Music Showcase, where a select group of students have the chance to perform for top music industry executives. The showcase is exclusive to members of the Berklee community and is standing room only. Admission is first-come, first-served. Doors open at 12:30 p.m. 

Livestream viewing will be available in David Friend Recital Hall (921 Boylston Street) and the Eisenson Room (160 Massachusetts Avenue, third floor).

Free Professional Headshots

Free professional headshots will be available in the 150 Massachusetts Avenue lobby, courtesy of the Division of Student Affairs. No sign-up is required.

1. The Art of Record Label A&R: Signing the Future
Amanda Samii '09
Amanda Samii '09 Senior Vice President of A&R, Capitol Records
Suzanna Slavin
Suzanna Slavin Senior Vice President of A&R, Mom + Pop
G Rouzbehani
G Rouzbehani Vice President of A&R, Motown Records
Sammye Ruth-Scott
Sammye Ruth-Scott Director of A&R, Atlantic Records
Liza Levy - Moderator
Liza Levy - Moderator Talent Relations Manager, Berklee College of Music

Meet top executives from the industry responsible for signing and overseeing the development of artists such as Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert Hoodie SZN, Nija, Tash Sultana, Tycho, Beach Bunny, Evann McIntosh, and many others. These majors and indies will share the type of talent they’re scouting and the day-in-the-life of overseeing the development of recording artists.

2. Building Your Own Seat & Table: Black CEOs in Music
Cortez Bryant
Cortez Bryant CEO / Entertainment Manager, The Blueprint Group
Tiffany Miranda
Tiffany Miranda President/Founder, Girls Make Beats
Madeline Nelson
Madeline Nelson CEO, Heads Music
Tonya Butler - Moderator
Tonya Butler - Moderator Chair, Music Business/Management, Berklee College of Music

Hear from established veteran artist manager, Cortez “Tez” Bryant (Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj), Beatmaster Tiffany Miranda (Janelle Monae, Chloe x Halle, Tinashe), and the powHERful Madeline Nelson, CEO of Heads Music and the Head of Independent Label Relations at Amazon Music. Our guests share how they’ve broken the glass ceiling—not only for themselves—but for artists, songwriters, producers, managers, and other passionate industry professionals of color. Come and explore how their journey, and driving the evolution of their business, permanently restructured the relationships between artists of color and labels, which in turn ultimately changed the culture of the industry as we know it.

3. How To Build Your Team: Navigating the Artistic Journey
Ralph Jaccodine
Ralph Jaccodine Owner, Ralph Jaccodine Management
Oompa Poet, Rapper, Educator
Kristina Latino
Kristina Latino Owner & Artist Manager, Cornerscape Artist Management
Jeremiah "Ice" Younossi
Jeremiah "Ice" Younossi Talent Agent and Artist Management Consultant, A-List Agency
Tim Hall - Moderator
Tim Hall - Moderator Assistant Professor, Professional Music, Berklee College of Music

The journey of an artist is nuanced and requires a trusted team of business partners. This session features music and entertainment industry professionals with experience in management, artist development, grant writing, content creation, songwriting, production, and entrepreneurship. Students will be able to tap into the necessary conversations artists need to have with themselves and their team as their career develops.

4. Bursting the Berklee Bubble
Arielle Tindel B.M. '19
Arielle Tindel B.M. '19 A&R / General Manager, We Are: The Guard / Brill Building Music Publishing
Leo Varella B.M. '20
Leo Varella B.M. '20 Producer, Songwriter, Musical Director
Micah Montgomery B.M. '18
Micah Montgomery B.M. '18 Creative Strategist
Stefanie Henning - Moderator
Stefanie Henning - Moderator Associate Vice President for Career and Digital Strategy, Berklee College of Music

A candid conversation about the industry, finances, adult friendships and what happens after you leave the Berklee Bubble. Learn from recent Berklee graduates working in all facets of the entertainment business about how to find your stride, your people, and pay bills while maintaining your health and wellness as you pivot from student to professional.

5. Hip-Hop/Popular Music Song Screening with Prescription Songs
Siara Behar
Siara Behar Senior Director of A&R, Prescription Songs

Join Siara Behar from Prescription Songs as they critique songs by pre-selected Berklee student artists in real-time.

Hosted by: The A&R Student Club

Auditions for Berklee Summer in the City

Come check out the auditions for Berklee Summer in the City. 

Berklee Summer in the City is a concert series that presents hundreds of live music performances free to the public to celebrate the summer festivities at venues that include the Institute of Contemporary Art, Club Passim, Prudential Center, Boston Public Library, and many more. 

1. The Art of A&R Publishing: For the Record
Benjamin Groff B.M. '93
Benjamin Groff B.M. '93 Owner, Brill Building Music Publishing
Francisco Granados
Francisco Granados Vice President of Creative and A&R, Sony Music Publishing U.S. Latin
Andre Herd
Andre Herd Senior Director of A&R, Artist Partner Group
Paige Parsons
Paige Parsons Senior Vice President of A&R, Atlas Publishing
Siara Behar
Siara Behar Senior Director of A&R, Prescription Songs
Ani Johnson - Moderator
Ani Johnson - Moderator Associate Professor, Music Business/Management, Berklee College of Music

Signing, developing, and advocating for the writers and producers who are responsible for today's biggest hits is one of the most nuanced roles in the modern recording industry. These publishing A&R executives are leading the way by innovating on behalf of artists who include Grimes, SOPHIE, The Lumineers, Ryan Tedder, Tiesto, Micah Premnath (Selena Gomez, Lady A), Seb from 1Mind (Don Toliver, JuiceWRLD),  Piso 21, Danny Ocean, Ximena Sariñana, Llane, Juan Pablo Vega, and many others. Join this session to learn how they scout talent and create opportunities for songwriters and producers.

2. Indie Artist Toolkit
Sam Bailey
Sam Bailey Founder and Managing Director, Harbour Artists & Music
Bianca Bhagat
Bianca Bhagat Senior Vice President of Creative Marketing, AWAL
David Macias
David Macias President, Thirty Tigers
Charlie Tadman
Charlie Tadman Songwriter & Publishing Relations, Spotify
Seth Saltzman B.M. '81
Seth Saltzman B.M. '81 Senior Vice President, ASCAP
Chris Wares - Moderator
Chris Wares - Moderator Assistant Chair, Music Business/Management, Berklee College of Music

If you’re an independent artist looking to bring your career to the next level, this session is for you. The guests on this panel have been crucial in helping to build sustainable careers for artists such as Lizzy McAlpine, Jason Isbell, John Prine, Little Simz, Jungle, Tom Misch, Banks, and many more. Learn proven tactics to develop your brand, grow your fanbase, and monetize your music career.

3. A 360 View of Chamber Music Collaborations
Willem de Koch
Willem de Koch Trombonist, Co-Founder, The Westerlies
Jordyn Davis
Jordyn Davis Grant Programs Associate, Chamber Music America
Mason Bynes M.M. '21
Mason Bynes M.M. '21 Composer, Career Services Advisor, Berklee College of Music
Andy Clausen
Andy Clausen Trombonist, Co-Founder, The Westerlies
Jonathan Bailey Holland - Moderator
Jonathan Bailey Holland - Moderator Chair, Composition, Contemporary Music, and Core Studies, Boston Conservatory at Berklee

What does it take to pull off a successful commission and artistic collaboration? Hear the insights on how a chamber music group developed a commissioning project with a composer through grants from Chamber Music America.

4. Dawn To-Day: A Chat with One of Hip Hop's Founders
Jason Orr
Jason Orr CEO / Producer, FunkJazz Kafé Arts & Music Festival
Marley Marl
Marley Marl DJ, Producer, Air Personality, Music Publisher
Prince Charles Alexander - Moderator
Prince Charles Alexander - Moderator Professor, Music Production and Engineering, Berklee College of Music

Come and learn from one of Hip Hop’s finest, DJ Marley Marl, who not only rapped, produced, and worked with the hottest rappers in the game (Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, LL Cool ), but introduced the culture to The Art of the Sample: getting pieces of songs off vinyl records and into a drum machine.

5. Latin Music Song Screening with Warner Chappell Music
Lazaro Hernandez
Lazaro Hernandez Vice President of A&R - U.S. & Latin America, Warner Chappell Music

Join Lazaro Hernandez from Warner Chappell (Latin Division) as they critique songs by pre-selected Berklee student artists in real-time. 

Hosted by: The A&R Student Club

6. Breaking Down the Riff with Natalie Weiss
Natalie Weiss
Natalie Weiss Vocal Performer/Coach, Breaking Down The Riffs / Riffsky Business LLC
Jules Braverman
Jules Braverman Project Manager / Assistant, Natalie Weiss / Riffsky Business LLC
Jermaine Hill - Moderator
Jermaine Hill - Moderator Assistant Chair, Theater, Boston Conservatory at Berklee

Ever wonder what it takes to be a critically-acclaimed artist and entrepreneur? Natalie Weiss has sung on The Greatest Showman Soundtrack, the Dear Evan Hansen cast recording, Broadway, national tours, American Idol, and at sold-out concerts and stadiums around the world. She has quickly become one of the most sought-after celebrity vocal coaches, and her collaborations, performances, and YouTube series, "Breaking Down the Riffs," have been viewed more than 4 million times. Join us as she talks about her career as a singer, vocal coach, and businesswoman and works with our students on her trademarked method of breaking down the riffs and runs from pop icons.

1. Instagram Workshop
Perry Bashkoff
Perry Bashkoff Director of Music Partnerships, Instagram

Join the music team from Instagram as they share tips and tricks for how to grow your audience along with best practices and new features for creating meaningful engagement with your followers.

2. Creating Hit Songs as a Songwriter/Producer
Daryl Simmons
Daryl Simmons Grammy Award Winning Songwriter/Producer
Claude Kelly B.M. '02
Claude Kelly B.M. '02 Founder/CEO, Weirdo Workshop
Chuck Harmony
Chuck Harmony Founder/CEO, Weirdo Workshop
Shea Rose '11- Moderator
Shea Rose '11- Moderator Assistant Professor, Contemporary Writing and Production, Berklee College of Music

Join the Grammy Award winners and nominees responsible for hit songs from artists who include Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Kelly Clarkson, and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds for a session that will illustrate the day-to-day skills necessary to be successful as a songwriter/producer.  From conception to revision to recording and production, these industry greats are hired for their ability to shepherd a song from a germ of an idea to a finished product.

3. So You Think You Can Dance: An Interview with Kylie Jefferson
Kylie Jefferson B.F.A. '16
Kylie Jefferson B.F.A. '16 Actress (Netflix's Tiny Pretty Things), Dancer, Choreographer
Mila Thigpen M.F.A. '01 - Moderator
Mila Thigpen M.F.A. '01 - Moderator Chair, Dance, Boston Conservatory at Berklee

Hear from actress, dancer, choreographer, Kylie Jefferson B.F.A. '16 as she tells the story of her life after graduating and her journey in the performing arts industry. 

4. Setting Music to Picture: Let's Sync Up
Wende Crowley
Wende Crowley Senior Vice President, Film & TV, Creative Marketing, Sony Music Publishing
Ben Dorenfeld
Ben Dorenfeld Director of Music, Anomaly
Jake Weinreb
Jake Weinreb Chief Operating Officer, Score a Score
Morgan Milardo - Moderator
Morgan Milardo - Moderator Media and Operations Manager, Berklee Popular Music Institute, Berklee College of Music

Some of the most recognizable artists can attribute their success to sync placement. Music Supervisors, Creative Directors, Ad Agencies, and Sync Agents play an important role in the sync licensing process and understand how music can resonate with their target audience to sell products or create emotion when synced to picture. But before submitting music for licensing deals, it is important to understand the landscape and process before you pitch your music. This panel features industry professionals from the world of sync licensing and will provide insight as to how licensing your music for film, TV, advertising and multimedia can provide an additional revenue stream for artists.

5. Pop/Rock/Country Music Song Screening with Atlas Publishing
Paige Parsons
Paige Parsons Senior Vice President of A&R, Atlas Publishing

Join Paige Parsons from Atlas Publishing as they critique songs by pre-selected Berklee student artists in real-time. 

Hosted by: The A&R Student Club

6. Popular Music Song Screening with Brill Music Publishing
Benjamin Groff B.M. '93
Benjamin Groff B.M. '93 Owner, Brill Building Music Publishing

Join Benjamin Groff '93 from Brill Building Music Publishing as they critique songs by pre-selected Berklee student artists in real-time. 

Hosted by: The A&R Student Club

Red Carpet Event

Come to the lobby of the BPC before Career Jam Presents The Show to get your photo taken and walk the red carpet. 

Career Jam Presents The Show
Rob Lewis B.M. '94
Rob Lewis B.M. '94 Producer/Arranger
Ash Rodriguez B.M. '09
Ash Rodriguez B.M. '09 Singer, Dancer, TV Personality

Berklee Career Jam culminates in The Show, curated and produced by Berklee alumni Rob Lewis ’94 (Christina Aguilera, Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1) and Ash Rodriguez '09 (Lana Del Rey, John Legend, Robin Thicke).

The Show is a pop music spectacle, an electrifying live production of world-renowned hits, reimagined by an elite group of singers, rappers, arrangers, and instrumentalists from Berklee. Using global hit records and iconography from present-day pop culture as the framework, the concert is designed to cultivate and develop the potential in Berklee students seeking to build careers in the entertainment industry.

Get your free student tickets today.