City of the Future - December Session City of the Future - December Session

The Future of Mobility

December Live Stream

Kelley Coyner
Innovation Mobility, Founder and Mobility Expert
Laurel Morris
Zpryme, Project Manager
Amy Atchley
Austin Energy, Sr. Lead - EV Equity Program
Terry Travis
EVNoire, Managing Partner and Co-Founder

Terry Travis is the managing partner and co-founder of EVNoire –an award-winning, mobility technology group working at the intersection of electric, connected, shared, and autonomous vehicle technology. He utilizes his expertise to integrate E-Mobility best practices and E-Mobility diversity, equity, and inclusion in the transportation sector. His work focuses on electrification with organizations ranging from auto manufacturers, utilities, government agencies, charging network companies, rideshare/delivery network companies, fleets, transit authorities, and other key stakeholders. Terry leads a team of diverse, experienced mobility professionals, implementing data-driven e-mobility strategies that accelerate the adoption of clean transportation and multimodal e-mobility solutions ranging from ebikes, school buses, transit, autonomous vehicles to freight electrification and more.

Terry is also a national board member of Veloz (California based organization accelerating the electric car movement through public awareness and education, Diverse E-Mobility professionals and other organizations.

The mobility of a populace is key to the prosperity of a city's economy and its people. This session will focus on how cities are moving forward in transportation as well as mobility infrastructure for adopters of new mobility options like EVs, ebikes, and scooters.