City of the Future - December Session City of the Future - December Session

The Future of Urban & Community Design

December Live Stream

Anita Ledbetter
Build San Antonio Green, Executive Director

Anita Ledbetter is the visionary of Build San Antonio Green, she has been at the helm for almost 12 years, since 2006, shaping the program into the success that it is today. Anita combines sociological insight and almost 20 years in the construction industry to give her a unique perspective in building our programs. Her passion for community service runs deep. Anita is a Climate Reality Leader has served on numerous boards and committees, the Greater San Antonio Builder’s Association, the City of San Antonio’s Sustainable Building Code Task Force, the Mission Verde Alliance, SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan Committee, and San Antonio Bike Share to name a few.

Dylan Lockwood
Zpryme, Senior Content Editor
Tatianna Cannon
Solar Austin, Executive Director

Urban design is increasingly shifting to focus on community design. That means prioritizing the community’s well-being above anything else and aligning urban planning and design around principles of equity and inclusion and the collective interest. Many cities like Sacramento and San Antonio are showing growth beyond urban development by taking active measures toward diversity and inclusivity.