Connect 2022: EDI Summit Connect 2022: EDI Summit

Friday, June 3, 2022

The Future of Instruments: Concepts and Techniques of Early 21st Century Digital Music Performance with Dan Freeman

Electronic musician, producer, and educator, Dan Freeman will give a demonstration on techniques to perform digital music. Dan will focus on four different areas, including conceptualizing elements of digital live performance, future interfaces of digital live musical performance, live looping with laptops and acoustic instruments, using ClyphX, and Generative Music within Live Performance.

Panel Discussion: EDI Instrument Design with Jesse Terry, Dan Freeman, and Special Guests, Moderated by Peter Kirn

Join Create Digital Music’s Peter Kirn who will lead a discussion on electronic musical instrument design. The panel will feature EDI manufacturers and design specialists in the field, including Jesse Terry (Ableton, APC40 and Push 2), Dan Freeman (NYU and Julliard), and Paul Lehrman (Tufts). Topics will focus on the current state of instruments as well as the future design of EDI’s.