Connect 2022: EDI Summit Connect 2022: EDI Summit

Demo Presentation: Performance, Practice, and Expression with Daedelus

150 Massachusetts Avenue, Room B41, Boston, MA 02215

Berklee College of Music

Daedelus (aka Alfred Darlington) is concerned for all things resounding. During a 20+ career synonymous with controllers and Los Angeles' Beat Scene they have performing over 1,000+ shows worldwide, from underground raves to festival mainstages. Producing on labels like Brainfeeder, Ninjatune, Warp, and important upstarts like Albert's Favourites and Dome of Doom. In 2019, just before the world closed, they were founding faculty at the Berklee College of Music's EDI principle instrument program and in 2020 became an artist in residence at S.E.T.I.

Join artist, performer, and EPD faculty member, Daedelus in exploring the consequences of our actions before the stage, through to play. With an ear towards how a DJ might organize a record crate or an EDI player might select their best metaphor.